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Zambia Elections Frequently Asked Questions

At what age is one eligible to vote?
One is eligible to vote when they attain the age of 18 years.

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What are the other requirements to be eligible to vote?
Must be in possession of a Green National Registration Card
One has to register as a voter
One must go with their NRC and voters card to the polling station

Can one use any other identity document apart from a National Registration Card (NRC) to vote?
According to law voters can only be allowed to vote if they present their NRC and the voters’ card.

Who is allowed to enter the Polling Station?
Any person or organisation that is authorized or accredited by the Commission.

What is the duration of the voting time?
Voting starts at 06:00hrs and ends at 18:00hrs.

What is a rejected ballot paper?
A rejected ballot paper is one that is not included on the counting of ballot papers due to the following reason;
Marking by the voter on more than one candidate
Unmarked ballot paper
Ballot paper marked with voters name
Ballot paper with voters signature

What can one do in case of lost voters’ card?
Apply for replacement of your voters’ card by going with your Green National Registration Card or NRC number to the District Office or nearest school in your constituency or any other school that the Commission designates as a centre for the collection of details of the lost voters; card within a stipulated period of time.

What is done in cases of a transfer?
You can register in your new area. However if it is too late for you to register, then you need to go back and vote where you registered.

Is there any special help during voting for those who cannot read, write, see or have other needs?
Yes. Those who need assistance can ask a person they trust or a presiding officer to assist. The person who assists must be a registered voter in that polling district.

How many people can the person assisting Help?
The person assisting with the exception of the presiding officer can only help one voter.

Who is allowed to monitor elections?
Any registered Non- governmental Organisation is allowed to monitor elections as long as they get accredited from the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

Are political parties also allowed to monitor elections?
All bonafide registered political parties are allowed to send their representatives to monitor any election as long as they are accredited by the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

Is campaigning allowed on voting day?
Campaigns are not allowed on voting day. Campaigns begin a day before nominations and end at 18hours, a day before the poll day.

How many types of elections do we have in Zambia?
We have four (4) types of elections in Zambia namely;
** Presidential which take place every after five (5) years.
** Parliamentary which take place every after five (5) years.
** Local Government which takes place every (5) five years. However, a Presidential election can be held if the incumbent President dies or is incapacitated before the end of the five year period.
** By -elections which take place when the incumbent Member of Parliament/Councillor dies, resigns, is expelled, or joins another political party.

Who qualifies to vote in all these elections?
Any Zambian citizen as long as they meet the requirements for voting, given in 1 and 2.

When is Zambia going to have the next tripartite elections?
** Presidential elections will be conducted in 2016.
** Parliamentary elections will also take place in 2016.
** Local Government elections will take place in 2016.
** By-elections take place from time to time when a Parliamentary or local government seat falls vacant.

I’m a Zambian citizen living outside the country. What can I do to vote?
The Commission does not have any provision for Zambians living abroad to vote. However if one wants to participate in voting they have to travel to Zambia during voter registration exercise to register and vote where they registered from.

Who counts the results at the polling station?
Results are counted by the Presiding Officer and his assistants at the polling station in the presence of political party agents, monitors and observers and any persons authorized by the Electoral Commission of Zambia. After counting at the polling station, in case of a by-election, the results are taken to a central place in the constituencies where the final results are announced. In a general or presidential election the results are sent from the collation centres to the Electoral Commission of Zambia headquarters who transfer them to the Election Results Centre where the final results are announced by the Returning Officer.

Can the results of the poll be announced within a day?
Results cannot be announced within a day because some polling districts are far from the collation centres and at times they are inaccessible by road and have no Communication facilities. Election officers have to walk or drive for long hours to reach the totaling centres.

Who is allowed to enter the Election Results Centre?
All persons, institutions or organizations accredited by the Electoral Commission of Zambia to observe the receiving of the poll results. If you were accredited to observe or monitor elections at polling stations you still have to be accredited again for you to enter the results centre. The Commission usually restricts the number of people to be accredited for this purpose to reduce congestion at the centre.

About ECZ

The Commission is an independent and autonomous Electoral Management Body (EMB) established in 1996. Since its establishment, the Commission has delivered five (5) General Elections (in 1996, 2001, 2006, 2011 and 2016), two (2) Presidential Elections (in 2008 and 2015) and several National Assembly and Local Government by-elections.

The Chairperson, Members, Management and Staff of the ECZ are committed to:
Transparency: We are committed to ensuring the transparency of the electoral process and delivery of credible elections at all times.
Impartiality: We guarantee impartiality in service delivery to stakeholders in the electoral process.
Tolerance: Our staff members embrace tolerance of individual views and opinions and exercise flexibility in the conduct of their duties.
Openness: The organisation thrives on openness for fresh ideas.
Team work: Our staff work together to achieve organisational objectives.

Contact ECZ

Electoral Commission of Zambia
Haile Selassie Avenue
P.O Box 50274
Tel : +260 211 253155
Fax : +260 211 253884
Email: elections[AT]

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  1. Manuel Correia Victor

    When will the local and parliamentary be held 2021 or 2022?

  2. What are the requirements and international observer needs to bring for accreditation?

  3. What are the colors for ballot papers for 2016 general elections?

    1. Orange-presidential,Red-National Assembly,Purple-Mayoral,Black-Local Govt and Brown-Referendum

  4. How many ballot boxes needed for 2016 tripartite elections especially in areas? Where they will vote for mayor’s?

  5. Simasiku Namasiku

    So many Zambian government workers are defranchised by being assigned temporary electoral jobs at the expense of them casting their votes. The ECZ rarely prepares the provisions of these officers being able to cast their votes at the stations which they are manning, with economic hardships at home, these government workers would rather miss voting than them missing the allowances provided offered by the ECZ. Thousands of eligible voters are missed in this way.
    What is ECZ planning to avert this problem in the 2016 August 11 Tripartite elections?

  6. List four non governmental organisation that monitor election in Zambia.

  7. How are Mayoral election going to be conducted in the coming 2016 election?

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