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Name of the Organization : Electoral Commission of Zambia
Type of Facility : Voter Registration
Country : Zambia

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Voter Registration :
Website :

Voter Registration:
The Voter Registration Exercise commenced at the Lusaka Showgrounds in 2012 but it was suspended in December 2012 in accordance with the law due to by-elections in various parts of the country.

Who is eligible?:
In order to register as a voter, you must be:
** A Zambian citizen in possession of a green National Registration Card;
** An ordinarily resident in the polling district where you apply to be registered; and
** At least 18 years old.

Registering to vote is now as easy as 1-2-3

What other service is available at a registration centre?:
The voter registration exercise also provides for the following:
** Replacement of a voter’s card, that is, if lost defaced or destroyed. A police report is required to replace a voter’s card. There is no fee for the police report;

** Correction of personal details on the voter’s card;

** Transfer of a voter who has changed locality to a new registration centre; and

** Removal of deceased persons from the voters’ register on the confirmed advice of a friend or relative with the necessary documentation proving the death.

We should encourage each other to register to vote in elections:
** You should register to vote
** Registering to vote is easy
** Voting gives you a say on things that are important to you
** In a democracy, every vote is important

Simple Steps To Registering To Vote:
** Find out where to register
** Register
** Get your card

Procedures for assisting people with special needs :
These are people who require particular attention or assistance to vote. They include :
** The blind or visually impaired,
** The illiterate,
** The physically incapacitated or persons with disabilities,
** The aged,
** Expectant mothers.

People with special needs should follow these procedures :
** If a voter has a special need they should ask a person whom they trust who should be a relative or friend to assist them. The person who is to offer assistance MUST be registered in the same polling station as the voter requiring assistance. If the voter requiring assistance does not have a trusted friend or relative then the Presiding Officer can offer assistance.

** The person offering assistance is only allowed to assist one voter.

** The person helping must be approached by the voter requiring assistance to vote.

** The Presiding Officer will announce who is helping the voter, a relative or friend, and will indicate in the voters register that the voter has been assisted.

The person helping someone with special needs should :
** Wait to be asked,
** When you are asked to help, report this to the Presiding Officer who will explain to you what to do,
** Be honest, and do not influence the voter’s mind

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  1. where are registrations sites(places) here in livingstone..?

  2. Robert kambafwile

    I lost my card and came back to Zambia for re-registration. I believe my details are there in your data. How possible that I can have a chance to vote this year?

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