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Organisation : Electoral Commission
Facility : Sale of Election Reports & Registers
Applicable For : Citizens of Antigua and Barbuda
Country : Antigua and Barbuda
Website :

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ABEC Sale of Election Reports & Registers

Registers and General Election reports are available to the public for purchase.

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The prices are as follows:
** Hard Copy of Register: $50 /constituency
** Electronic Copy of Register: $100 /constituency
** General Election Reports: from $7.50-$20

All prices are in Eastern Caribbean Dollars and payments MUST be made with cash.

Revised Register of Electors(LIST A)

This register is published on June 30 and December 31 annually. This is comprised of additions and deletions that are made by the Chief Registration Officer as a result of actions taken under the Representation of the People Act , (claims and objections) According to the law, you have 31 days from the last day of registration to file claims and objections.

Preliminary List of Electors

It is published by April 30 and October 31 annually. It is comprised of persons who have been duly registered for a particular period.

Supplementary List (LIST B)

This comprises of persons who applied to be registered in any given month and this is published by the 15th of the each month.

Register for Elections

This is published no later than 14 days after the issue of the Writ of Elections. All individuals on this list are duly registere electors who are entitled to vote. This list is used for the General Elections.

Registration Locations

St. John’s City West Villa Primary School
St. John’s City East Central Registration Unit
St. John’s City South Central Registration Unit
St. John’s Rural West Multipurpose Cultural and Exhibition Centre
St. John’s Rural South Nyah Roberts Sports Complex
St. John’s Rural East Chaia’s Building adjacent to the YMCA
St. John’s Rural North Yorks Community Center
St. Mary’s North Molyneuax Building
St. Mary’s South Central Registration Unit (TUES, WED, FRI)
All Saints East & St Luke Nelson House
All Saints West Community Access Center
St. George Potters Primary School
St. Peter’s The Parham Primary School
St. Philip North Wilikies Main Road (Green building Near the bus stop)
St. Philip South St. Philip Postal Office building
St. Paul Falmoth Craft Shop
Barbuda Central Registration Unit

Registration Personnel

There are 17 registration officers (one for each constituency), 18 registration clerks and 34 scrutineers (one per political party).

Meet your Registration Officer
Number | Constituency | Name :
1 St. John’s City West Sally-Ann Browne
2 St. John’s City East Dave Browne
3 St. John’s City South Steve Henry
4 St. John’s Rural West Veronica Joseph
5 St. John’s Rural South Nicole Christian
6 St. John’s Rural East Valerie Gonsalves-Barreiro
7 St. John’s Rural North Jeff Nicholas-Michael
8 St. Mary’s North Ralph Henry
9 St. Mary’s South Anika Anthony
10 All Saints East & St. Luke José Samuel
11 All Saints West Janet Proctor
12 St. George Teneca George
13 St. Peter Tracelyn Hendrickson
14 St. Philip North Nesta Baltimore
15 St. Philip South Almarie Carty
16 St. Paul Althea Francis
17 Barbuda Mulvane George

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