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Organisation : Electoral Commission
Facility : Electoral Identification Card
Applicable For : Citizens of Antigua and Barbuda
Country : Antigua and Barbuda
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ABEC Electoral Identification Card

There are presently more than 48,000 people registered to vote in Antigua and Barbuda. All of these individuals are entitled to a state of the art electoral identification card that is produced at ABEC.

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The ID card is one of the preferred forms of national identification and it is widely accepted in both the private and public sectors.

It is valid for ten years and it is the only card of its type in the Caribbean that is machine readable. It has several security features and individuals can use it for travelling purposes.

According to the Registration Regulations, Part II, Section 27 (7) in the Representation of the People (Amendment) Act, 2002, “On the expiration of an identification card an elector shall apply to the Registration Officer for the constituency in which he resides for a replacement free of charge”.


What information is on the electoral identification card?
The electoral identification card includes your surname, first and middle name, your sex, your electoral number, your date of birth, date of expiry, address, occupation and electronic signature. Every card includes the electronic signature of ABEC’s Chairman.

Why do I need an electoral identification card?
You need an electoral identification card in order to vote at any poll in Antigua and Barbuda.

How long is the electoral identification card valid for?
The electoral identification card is valid for ten years.

What do I do if I lose my card?
You go to ABEC Headquarters and file a report. The cost of a replacement card is $100 EC and it must be paid up front. You are exempt from paying this fee if you are a pensioner or if you can produce an Official Report from the Police Department or Fire Department.

What else can my electoral identification card be used for?
Your state of the art electoral identification card is machine readable so it can be used to travel. It can also be used as a means of identification in the private and public sector.

Where can I pick up my electoral identification card?
You can pick up your electoral identification card at the centralized registration unit or at your constituency unit.

How soon do I get my electoral identification card?
Registration is a process and it takes a while to get your card because everyone is subjected to claims and objections. In order to receive your card, your name must appear on the register. You will be notified by your Registration Officer/Registration clerk when your electoral identification card is ready so that you can pick it up.

If I am traveling, can someone else pick up my card for me?
No. Only you can pick up your electoral identification card because you must sign for it and no one can sign on your behalf. Remember that you must present your registration receipt in order to receive your electoral identification card.

Voting Requirements

In order to vote in Antigua and Barbuda, you must be a duly registered elector. This means that your name must appear on a Register for Elections. You require your electoral identification card in order to vote. No other identification is needed.

According to Section 33 (1) of ROPA (Amendment) Act 2001, “All persons voting as electors at an election shall do so in person at the polling station allotted to them under rules made under this Act except in so far as this section makes exceptions for those unable or likely be unable to do so in person at the polling station for one of the following reasons

** that person’s service as a member of the Antigua and Barbuda Police Force or the Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force;
** that person is employed as an election officer or polling agent on the date of the poll for a purpose connected with the elections

According to Section 33(2) of the Representation of the People (Amendment) Act 2001, “Any person mentioned in paragraph (i) of section (1) may vote by proxy if he applies to be treated as an absent voter and furnishes in such manner as may be prescribed by regulations the name and address of some person within Antigua and Barbuda whom he wishes to act as proxy to him.

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