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Organisation : Election Commission
Facility : Voter Registration
Country : Sri Lanka
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Sri Lanka Election Voter Registration

Just follow the below steps for Voter Registration,

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How to Register?

Go to the official website of Election Commission of Sri Lanka through the URL provided above.

Step 1 : Next enter the NIC No. [123456789]
Step 2 : Select the Year [2018]
Step 3 : Select your Admin. District [Colombo]
Step 4 : Type the captcha code as shown in the image
Step 5 : Finally click on the “Display” button

Conduct of Elections

Poll is taken at the Polling Stations established for the purpose of conducting the elections. Only one polling booth can be established for one polling district unless the polling stations are created for males and females separately.

Experienced officers such as staff officers of government service, Class I officers of Public Management Assistants’ Service, Development Officers or experienced officers in the Graduate Officers’ Service, Principals, Class I or Class 2 – 1 teachers of the Teachers Service are appointed as Senior Presiding Officers mostly.

SPOs are selected confidentially and staffs for Polling Stations are selected from officers serving in government offices and schools in various areas.

Where the number of voters at a polling station is less than 1200, only one queue is arranged and when it is above 1201 two queues are arranged.

One queue needs 4 officers and in addition to this minimum no. of one Junior Presiding Officer for each queue and a polling station assistant (an additional SPO, depending on the need) will be attached to the SPO for his assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the name of a person remain lifetime in the Electoral Register after it is registered?
No. It is compulsory that a person’s name is enumerated in the home of residency at the revision every year. If not enumerated, the name will be deleted from the register.

2. Is it possible to obtain an extract of the Electoral Register?
Yes. An extract of the particulars of the household in which his name is registered can be obtained.

For this purpose the applicant has to go to the respective District Elections Office where the name is registered, fill up an application form and pay a fee of Rs. 80.00 along with supporting documents for the request.

However, a person can obtain a print out of the electoral register, containing his name, by browsing the web site of the department.

3. Are extracts of the Electoral Register issued for the purpose of admission of children to schools?
No. Extracts of electoral registers are not required for admittance of children to schools. However, the particulars of registration as electors can be obtained from District Elections Offices and Grama Niladharis and submitted to the relevant schools. Heads of such institutions may examine the accuracy of such information.

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  1. sellan muthusamy

    my name had been registered in 2017voters list. Unfortunately, I was unable to get my name registered for the years2018,2019and2020how can I get registered my name for 2021.

  2. D.A.T.T.Atukorala

    not received my voting card

  3. I was told once I received Dual Citizenship, I could vote. I applied for Dual Citizenship at the Srilankan embassy in London, and I got my dual citizenship passport from the Passport office.. I have a NIC card, but when I went to check my name on the electoral register…it said my name did not exist on it? Is

  4. After entering names of my children in the 2019 electoral list submitted through the GS, I came to know that my son has been given a British Citizenship & ceases to be a Sri Lankan & not eligible to vote.

    Need a Reply :
    A) What is the Procedure to get his name deleted / cancelled from the 2019 Voters

    B) Are Dual Citizens entitled to vote locally?

  5. i want my voter registration district and number

    1. I want new name rejister

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