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Organisation : Elections Commission, Kingdom of Bahrain
Facility : Voting Procedure
Country : Bahrain

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How to Vote :
Home Page :

Qualifications to be a Voter :
Voter Eligibility :
** The voter should have reached 20 years of age on the Referendum or Elections Day.

** The voter should be legally competent.

** The voter should be residing normally in the constituency as per the identity card, and in case he is residing abroad, then his last residency in the Kingdom of
Bahrain will be his constituency. If he had no residency in the Kingdom, then the residency of his family will be considered.

** Should not have been sentenced in a felony, an honor or a fidelity crime unless rehabilitated.

** Should not have been sentenced to jail in any of the elections crimes provided in the Law by Decree no. (14) for 2002 regarding the Practice of Political Rights, unless the sentence was suspended or the convicted was rehabilitated.

What are the things I should not do? :
1. Do not write your name or any phrase or mark that could disclose your identity.
2. Do not take the ballot outside the polling center.
3. Do not urge other voters to choose a specific candidate.
4. Do not enter into the polling center any photo or indication that could point to any of the candidates.
5. Taking photos in any form or means inside the polling center is prohibited except for those allowed.

Am I eligible to vote ? :
** If you were a Bahraini, 20 years-old or over and your name is registered in the voters’ lists, then you are eligible to vote in the Parliamentary and Municipal Elections.

** If you were a GCC citizen and reside in Bahrain or a foreigner who owns a property in Bahrain, then you are eligible to vote in the Municipal Elections only.

What are the documents I should bring to the polling center? :
1. Original Passport (compulsory), or the Poll Card which will be issued by the General Directorate of Nationality, Passports & Residence in case a passport is not available.
2. The Identity card.

What should be done on Election Day? :
1. Go to the polling center early.
2. Receive the two ballot cards (parliamentary – municipal)
3. Put a tick in the circle next to your nominee’s photo on both of the parliamentary and municipal ballots.
4. Select only one candidate for each of the parliamentary and municipal councils.

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