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What to expect on Election Day :

If you are voting on Election Day, you will go to your polling place to submit your ballot in person.

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When to Vote :
6:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. on Election Day.
As long as you are in line by 7:00 p.m. , you will be allowed to vote. For your vote to count, you need to be at the correct polling place.

Where to Vote :
** On Election Day, you will vote in person at your local polling place. Your polling place is determined by your home address.
** Contact my local voter registration office with questions
** If you move, your polling place will change. Please be sure to change your voter registration address every time you move.

** What if I am at the wrong polling place? You will need to go to your correct polling place and arrive by 7:00 p.m. on Election Day for your vote to count. Please check your polling place now, to be sure you know where to go!

What to Bring? :
Virginia law now requires voters to show acceptable Photo ID to vote in person. Your acceptable Photo ID is the only thing you are required to show to vote in person.

What to expect at the polls :
When you arrive, you’ll see election officers who are there to help you.

Go right to the check-in table, where you will be asked to:
** Say your name and address out loud.
** Show your photo ID.

** If you are not on the voter list, an election officer will direct you to register and vote provisionally.
** If you’re on the voter list, you’ll be directed to the ballot table, where you will get your ballot.
** Double-check that your ballot includes all the contests for the districts that you live in.
** You can move to a voting booth and vote your ballot.

There are three types of elections in which you may vote :
Primary – One of the methods by which a political party may nominate its candidate.
** Held in February or March of presidential election years to nominate candidates for president.
** Held in March for city governing bodies where permitted by charter, but held at the same time as the presidential primary in presidential election years.
** Held in June for all other offices regularly scheduled to be elected in November.
** A primary may not be called for a special election to fill a vacancy unless the primary is to be held on the regular date set for primaries.

** Virginia law allows you to vote in only one political party primary election when multiple political party primary elections are held on the same day. Each primary has a separate ballot listing different candidates. The voter must indicate which ballot he would like to receive.

General Election :
** Held in May for some city and town governing bodies and school boards.
** Held in November for all other elected offices.

Special Election :
Called by the Governor for a vacancy in:
** the U. S. Senate, or
** the U. S. House of Representatives

Called by Governor, President Pro Tempore of the Senate or Speaker of the House, as appropriate, for a vacancy in the General Assembly; and

Called by the Court of jurisdiction for any local office vacancy or local referendum

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