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Organisation : Virginia Department of Elections
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Voter Photo Identification Application :
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Applying for a Virginia Voter Photo Identification Card:
A Virginia Voter Photo Identification Card may be provided to any Virginia voter who does not currently possess another acceptable form of identification necessary for the purpose of voting.

Acceptable forms of photo identification include
** Valid Virginia Driver’s License
** Valid Employee photo identification
** DMV issued photo identification card
** Valid college or university student photo
** Valid United States Passportidentification card issued by an institution of higher education located in Virginia.
** Government issued photo identification

** Virginia Voter Photo Identification Cards are available, free-of-charge, from any General Registrar’s Office in Virginia.
** Voters who wish to have an identification card made should complete the application at the lower portion of this page.
** A voter may have assistance in completing the application without any need to complete any additional declaration of assistance paperwork.
** The voter himself/herself must make his/her own mark in Section 6: Swear/Affirm, when physically able.
** All required sections of the form must be completed and the form must be presented, in-person, to a General Registrar’s office by the voter applying for the identification card.
** The application may not be faxed or mailed.
** Any voter lacking proper photo identification may apply for a Virginia Voter Photo Identification Card at any General Registrar’s office throughout Virginia.
** For more information or assistance please visit the Virginia Department of Elections website at, email us at, TTY us (800) 260-3466, or call us toll free (800) 552-9745.

Who pays for elections?
Your city or county pays for the costs of elections.

How do I register to vote in an election?
About ballots in general:
The political party affiliation of candidates for statewide, federal and General Assembly offices in a general or special election are listed on the ballot.
The following abbreviations are used
** (D) for the Democratic Party
** (R) for the Republican Party
** (I) for an Independent (non-party) candidate
Exception – Presidential ballots contain the actual party name followed by “Electors for” and the name of the party’s candidates for president and vice president.

Paper Ballots :
** These ballots also are used by most voters who vote absentee by mail in counties, cities and towns using mechanical voting equipment at the polling place. The locality may choose a different form of ballot, such as a marksense ballot, to use for mailed absentee ballots.

Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) Voting Equipment Ballots :
** This voting equipment counts and records votes on a removable memory cartridge as well as in an internal memory system.

** If more than one machine is used in the precinct, at the close of the election, an officer of election uses a device to capture and consolidate the data from all the voting machines.

Marksense Ballots :
** These paper ballots are read and counted by an optical scan reading device that is programmed for each election type.

What kind of voting equipment might be used?
Read about the voting equipment used in your city or county.

How do I know my voting equipment is accurate?
Under the Code of Virginia, the State Board of Elections must approve any mechanical or electronic voting system or equipment before it can be used by any locality.

Each system must successfully complete three distinct levels of testing:
** Qualification testing (testing of hardware and software that may be conducted by Independent Testing Authority)
** Certification testing (to ensure it meets all applicable requirements of the Code of Virginia)
** Acceptance testing (conducted by the locality to assure it meets their needs and is identical to the certified system).

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