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Guidelines For Voters That Request E-Mail Ballots :
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Guidelines For Voters That Request E-Mail Ballots :
** Active duty military members, their spouses and dependents residing with them, as well as all overseas citizens, are eligible to receive their absentee ballot via email upon request.
** The voter is still required to print and vote the ballot and return the voted ballot by mail.

If you would like to request to have your absentee ballot emailed to you, you are required to do the following :
First, request your absentee ballot using the following:
** Virginia Absentee Ballot Application or Federal Post Card Application.
** Next, indicate email as your preferred method to have your ballot sent.
** Finally, mail, fax or email as a scanned attachment, your signed, completed application to the voter registrar’s office in the city or county where you are registered to vote.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. What should I expect to receive?
A. You should expect to receive the following documents:
** Ballot Within (this is your blank ballot)
** A “B Envelope” (contains your Security Envelope Template)
** Voting Instructions (instructions on how to Vote Absentee using this method)
** If needed, additional information specific to your voter registration status and absentee application

Q. When should I expect to receive my ballot?
A. Virginia requires that ballots be mailed no later than 45 days before most elections.
For example, for November general elections, applicants who have already applied can expect ballots to be emailed after mid-September.
Please note that some cities or counties may be sending absentee ballots earlier, so we would recommend that you start checking your in box a couple of weeks earlier, after the first week in September for a November general election.

Q. What is the deadline for my voted ballot to be returned?
A. Virginia requires the signed, witnessed and voted ballot must be received by the close of polls on Election Day.
If your ballot is not received by this deadline, your vote will not count unless it can be can proved that local voting officials failed to mail your ballot on time or a court order extends the deadline.

Q. Where do I send my voted ballot?
** A. Your signed, witnessed and voted ballot must be sent by mail to the local voter registrar’s office whose address can be found in the instructions you received with your ballot.
** No voted ballots can be accepted electronically, by email or fax.
** Do not send your signed, witnessed and voted ballot to the State Board of Elections.
** This could delay processing of your voted ballot and your vote may not count.
** If you have any additional questions, please contact the State Board of Elections Information Center at or call: 804-864-8901, Toll Free: 1-800-552-9745, TTY: 800-260-3466.

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