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Search Roll Lookup Papua New Guinea :

Organisation : Papua New Guinea Electoral Commission
Announcement : Search Roll Lookup
Country : Papua New Guinea
Website :

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Search Roll Lookup :

PNGEC for the first time is now providing online name lookup which allows voters to check names.

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Eligible voters throughout Papua New Guinea will now be able to lookup their enrolment details on the electronic Electoral Roll Lookup developed by the Papua New Guinea Elections Commission.

This new feature, the first of its kind and indeed a milestone for the Commission, seeks to help voters to identify their information anytime, anywhere at any time. The main goal is to purge the voters list for the 2017 National and LLG Elections.

The tool, launched on June 16th 2016, is an easy and quick way for electors to check their voter registration and confirm if their details are correct so you can vote without any complications.

In case the information is not correct, the electors will need to inform the enrollment agents during the enrollment period.
1. Enter your First Name
2. Enter your Last Name & Click on the Search Button.

It will display the following details,
1. Last Name
2. First Name
3. Gender

4. Province Name
5. District Name
6. LLG Name
7. Ward Name
8. Location Name

FAQs :
1. What devices can the PNG Roll Lookup App run on?
The PNG Roll Lookup app can run on any Android, iOS and Windows phone. From your smart mobile phone simply go to your device app store and do a search on “PNG Roll” and install the PNG Roll Lookup app. After you install you can do search and filter like you would do from this website

2. Do I Need internet access to do search online?
Yes, you will require internet access to do roll lookup check. There is another off-line version but is commercially available through our partner developer

3. Can I Register or Update detail Online?
No, you cannot register or update your detail online. This is because your registration or change of detail must be approved by an authorize PNGEC delegate.

The Roll Lookup from this website or from the mobile device is only for checking if a person is on the PNG Roll or not. To register or update your detail you must visit your nearest Electoral Office.

4. I don’t seem to find my name on the PNG Roll Lookup?
The Roll Lookup App matches the last name you type so it is highly recommended that you conduct that first round search with the last name and subsequent filter using letter by letter of the first name and/or other column filters.

About Us :
The Electoral Commission was established as a corporate government institution by the Constitution on 16 September 1975. As an independent Constitutional office, it is not subject to direction or control by any person or authority.

The Electoral Commission is headed by the Electoral Commissioner, appointed by the Head of State (Governor General) on the advice of the Electoral Commission Appointments Committee

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  1. The PNGEC should collaborate with National Statistics Office to update the common roll for the entire country. 5 years from the date after the election year is ample time. On the same line, please send me an update for the common roll of Lae Urban, Ahi LLG.

    Thank you.

  2. I am sending this text information from Kikori in Gulf Province. This is basically regarding the 2022 Common Roll Names for the people to cast their votes for the 2022 National General Election. On this 2022 Common Roll most of the Kikori people the locals and the outsiders who have lived long in Kikori have no names on the 2022 common roll. This is an outstanding concerns that I believe is faced by many Papua New Guineans who were denied their constitutional rights to cast their votes. Please in the next five (5) years from now 2022 to 2027 our PNG Government must ensure this problem is solved and Common Roll be updated capturing all names right throughout Papua New Guinea.

  3. With due respect this year’s 2022 NGE
    some of us our names are not in the common role sheet especially those once who born on 1999 to 2000 and they are 18 above to cast a vote .I am requesting for update role for the people of Northern ,Sohe District ,Higaturu LLG ,Handarituru village.

  4. Maria Kauvu Nock

    I typed my last name then my middle name and then my given name but no matches appeared even I tried the other way around but no matches found.
    Even though it’s registered as on my NID.

  5. Jrn Sandra Kwabuna

    How can we register our names on the common roll since the censors workers pare not doing a good job by updating the name on the roll book.

  6. How can I enrol myself

  7. Please i need a commonroll update for Hagen Open.

  8. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Can you send the common roll update for Kandep Electorate in the Enga Province please.

    Appreciate your feedback.


  9. I want the roll update for Moresby South Dogura ward 4

  10. Kindly send me the updated Common roll for Moresby North West,N.C.D

  11. Please send me the roll update for Lagaip and Moresby North-east please

  12. Kindly send me the 2022 roll update.

  13. Please send roll updates for alotau district



  16. Can you send me the Updated Common Roll of 2022 for Moresby South Electorate?

  17. Please send me the 2022 roll update for Vanimo Green District

  18. Please can you check my name on the common roll FG for 2022

  19. How do I know that my name is in the roll

  20. Please send me the roll update for Talasea District. Kimbe, WNBP

  21. Please send me the roll update for east new britain province Papua New Guinea

  22. Please send me the roll update for east new britain province

  23. Please help me find roll lookup..

  24. Hi, I need common roll updated data for Central Province Rigo District East LLG ward 9 and ward 10 coz our names were mixed up with this two wards

  25. I enrolled my name for this year election but why my name is not on the updated common roll application.

    This sounds funny.

    Office of EC pull your socks up…

  26. Kindly send me the updated Roll for Rigo District for 2022

  27. Please send me the updated common roll for Kairuku 2022

  28. There is a concern here which needs immediate attention before the polling commences next week Monday. In Seim Village of Nuku District, Sandaun Province, there is a decrease in the number of eligible voters for the 2022 NGE and those not included are very frustrated as that is denying their democratic right. Thus, please could you allow them to use the previous common roll to vote in this 2022 NGE?



  29. please I need updated common roll for Daulo open electorate


    Please send me roll updates for Wosera Gawi District Roll updates

  31. Please send me 2022 roll update for Moresby North-East

  32. can I have the 2022 roll updated for Moresby Northeast please

  33. Please send me 2022 roll update for Moresby North-East through email

  34. I want to know if my name is under Moresby North-West by-election

  35. Send common roll update for NCD to email

  36. What type of sites is this? Its not even helpfu?? How can I access an updated common roll?

  37. Send me the update roll for west sepik province 2022

  38. Please update me your name list for counting and polling officials for west sepik province

  39. Could you please send me the Kavieng district roll please to my Gmail

  40. Send me the name list for East Kerema, Lese Kavora – Ward 5.

  41. Please make the common roll pubkic so that canidates can plan their campgain

  42. Please need a update common roll 2022
    For Kairuku District

  43. can you send me a copy of name list for Central rigo districk, just want to check my familise name

  44. Please send me the updated Ward roll for AITAPE/LUM.

  45. Please can you send me 2022 updated common roll list for Hiri -Koiari.

  46. Please send me common roll update 2022 for Bulolo District.

  47. Downloaded the app onto my phone, made several attempts and didn’t find a match.

    I have been living and voting in the city for a longtime, the last vote casted for POM North East was at the Gordon International School in 2017.

  48. Yvonne Leach Tosia

    Please send me the roll names for kvg urban.thank you.

  49. Send common roll update for Sivitatana ward 17, rigo central rural llg, rigo district central province.

  50. Send me a updated Common ROll for the MUL BAIYER LUMUSA ELECTORATE for 2022

  51. Send me the roll update for wewak district 2022 please.

  52. Please send me Delta Fly Open electorate common roll update

  53. Please kindly send me the updated roll for Pom
    North East.

  54. Banisah Bai Maeau

    Send Me Amazon Bay RLLG common roll under Abau District Central Province

  55. Need the updated roll for Bitarebarebe ward Kokopo Vunamami Urban LLG..

  56. Outdated and unreliable.

  57. Please send me the roll update for Kaplaman village Ward 3 Tikana LLG

  58. Electrol commission of PNG has done a great job of putting this web for us easy to check out information Convenient for our to use. Good one.
    Can ECoPNG refine it more to our voter locations as I check but not getting any feedback.
    Simplify instructions on how we can access this server for our use.
    Thank you PNG Electrol Commission for this wonderful service… good one.

  59. Unreliable and not up – to date.

  60. Please send Abau Open latest eligible voters

    1. Can you confirm my elligibility to wote in the Abau open in aroma coast? my name is Rita GENO

  61. Am I eligible to vote in Alotau District

  62. Lovelace Lausen Maman

    Cannot find my name

  63. Please send me the update common roll name list for kairuku hiring. Thanks

  64. Can not open the App…?

  65. Soft copy of the Common Roll updates list for Kainantu District, Eastern Highlands Province

  66. Can’t get what I want using the app, maybe the app not working properly due to technical fault I guess cos I try many times and can’t get through..
    Any soff copy to obtain please.

  67. Samuel Ben Passingan

    Pls send me the common roll for Panapai,Tikana llg, NIP.

    1. Please can you send me the common roll Abau district of Amazon Bay of Deana ward

  68. Samuel Ben Passingan

    I will really appreciate it if I am sent a copy of the 2022 common roll.

  69. Why do we have to download an app to check whether we are on the common roll? Why isn’t there a related website so we can search on our computers also? Before the last elections, I checked online and did not see my name on the common roll.

  70. am i eligible to vote in moresby north-east?

  71. Where do I type my Information to check update?

  72. Please send me the comond roll for cemtral bougainville.

  73. Send me common roll for Kerema District-2022

  74. I typed names to look for and feed doesn’t respond.

  75. Send me the roll for Abau Electorate for 2022 please

  76. Send me Roll for Samarai Murua Electorate. MBP.

  77. Mr. Konts Karo Yengin

    Sir/Madam, could you please email me the common roll for Anglimp South Waghi on this email

  78. I can’t find the roll lookup app on my phone.

  79. There’s no app here in my play store

    1. In 2012 election I voted in Tamati Ward, Daru Urban LLG, south Fly District of wetern Province.
      2017 election I was working and living in Kiunga Town north Fly District Western Province, I didn’t vote was not registered on Kiunga Urban LLG rolls
      2022 I wish to vote in my district, south Fly, Daru Urban, Tamate Ward.

      I searched the 2022 Electoral oll Lookup but didn’t find my name.

      If my name is not registered in my District, is there another alternate I may use in order to cast my vote?

  80. I want to know if I am eligible to vote in Moresby North-West by-election

  81. I typed my last name and then my first name in the space provided and I couldn’t get any response. What is wrong with that now?

    1. Information from the official website :

      The Roll Lookup App matches the last name you type so it is highly recommended that you conduct that first round search with the last name and subsequent filter using letter by letter of the first name and/or other column filters.

    2. Please send me the roll update for Rgo District fo 2022

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