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Organisation : Papua New Guinea Electoral Commission
Announcement : National Election 2017
Country : Papua New Guinea

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PNGEC National Election

Papua New Guinea 9th Parliament Election is now formally underway with the writ signing on the 20th April 2017 by the Governor-General his Excellency Bob Dadae.

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This has now paved the way for candidates to be nominated in their respective electorate or province around the country. The nominations closes on the 27th April 2017.

Our theme for 2017 – “Your Choice Protect our Democracy” speaks volumes and I urge every citizen of this country to uphold the rule of law.

Decision we make today affects our future and the future of our children’s children. I urge every citizen to refrain from illegal conducts and allow for a free and fair election.

Important Dates

Election Period :
Issue : 20th April 2017
Return : 24th July 2017

Nomination Period :
Opens : 20th April 2017
Closes : 27th April 2017

Polling Period :
Starts : 24th June 2017
Ends : 8th July 2017


1. Where do I find my name on the Electoral Roll?
You can be able to locate your name on the Ward Electoral Roll that you registered in the last National and LLG Election that you voted in 2012 and 2013.

2. Where do I go to check my name and details on the Electoral Roll?
i. Call into the nearest Provincial Electoral Office to check your name and details.

ii. The PNGEC has a Information Resource Center (IRC) in its HQ Office in Port Moresby where you can make an appointment to visit to check your name and details.

iii. You can also look up the PNGEC website ​to check your details on the roll lookup or
iv. PNGEC also has a toll free number 303 5559 where you can call up to check your name and details.

3. What if I do not locate my name on the Electoral Roll?
Your name may have been removed if you have transferred to a new location or ward, therefore you must re-enrol when the Enrolment Agents visit your area.

4. I have transferred to another location, what should I do?
If you have resided in your new location for more than 6 months, then you may call into your Provincial Electoral Office to Update your details.

5. I will be 18 next year, can I Enrol?
If you are turning 18 before April 20th 2017, you may Enrol on the Electoral Roll when the Enrolment Agents visit your area.

6. Can I enrol a person who does not reside in the village?
No, you cannot Enroll someone on his behalf unless they are People Leaving with Disabilities (PWDs) or very Elderly.

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  1. I agree with you

  2. May I suggest that in your next general election (2022) especially the urban cities and towns, big flat TV screens should be introduced and to be installed around the public areas to display the names of eligible voters who are registered in the common roll. Public viewing can be viewed, say once every 3 months or what ever your choice. Now if their names are not listed then definitely they should report to the nearest electoral office or ward Councillor for an update. Information of this medium can also be relayed to others as well.

    Furthermore, it will be helpful when it comes to voting because it reduces the long Queues which I have experienced took me more than three hours to arrive at the Electoral roll keeper to find out that my name has been removed including my wife for some unknown reasons although we have been voting including the 2012 general elections.

    Polling boots should also have flat TV screens (big ones) to minimize the Ques as well.
    From my observation, I have notice that 5 persons that were allowed to check their names on the roll, only 2 were enrolled while the other 3 were turned away due to their names not appearing on the roll. The three that were turned away were just occupying space and wasting their time in joining the queue. Now if there was a flat TV display installed on the polling sites, surely it will certainly reduce the long Queues and will be more flexible and user friendly. Information displayed will be visibly expose to the voters and the general public and can be passed on to other friends/relatives.

    Last but not the least, the former member for Lae open when elected into Parliament in 2012 vowed to introduce some sophisticated electronic card system to replace the current voting system but failed to deliver during her term.
    Can you follow up and adhere to the suggestions. I will put my thumps up as it is the way forward with technology that money can buy. Invest on electronic gadgets and not vehicle hires.

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