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How To Vote :
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EC Ghana How To Vote

Steps on how to Vote:
Step 1: On election day, go to the Polling Station with your Voter ID card and join the queue if any. Please don’t jump the queue

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Step 2: A polling assistant will check your particulars in the name reference list

Step 3: A verification officer will verify your identity as a registered voter with the verification machine.

Step 4: You will be issued with a Presidential Ballot paper. Please check to see if it has no marks on it. Also ensure it has the validating stamp.

Step 5: Make your way to the Voting Booth and thumbprint (correctly) your choice of President.

Step 6: Cast your vote in the Presidential Ballot Box. Please make sure it’s the right box

Step 7: Proceed to the next Polling Assistant for a Parliamentary Ballot Paper

Step 8: Proceed to the Parliamentary Voting Booth and thumbprint (correctly) your choice of MP.

Step 9: Cast your ballot in the Parliamentary Voting Box. Again make sure, it’s in the right box or it will be rejected.

Step 10: Please leave the Polling Station after voting. You can return at 5pm for the count.

Who Can Vote

Every Citizen of Ghana eighteen years of age or above and of sound mind has the right to vote and is entitled to be registered as a voter for the purposes of public elections and referenda.

Where To Register and Vote

Polling stations :
** Currently there are twenty-one thousand and four (21,004) Polling stations in the country.
** The polling stations are the places where voters go to vote on election day.
** Voters are assigned to these polling stations permanently.
** This has resulted from the principle that “where you register is where you vote” Polling stations are designed to fit into the Units.

** With the intorducton of biometrc technology into our electoral process, every voter’s fingerprint wll be verifed by the use of a Biometric Verification Device(BVD).

** A voter will be allowed to vote only if his identity is confirmed by the (BVD) i.e. if his/her fingerprints are recognized by BVD as the person whose name is on the register .

** A voter’s fingerprints may not be recognized by the Bometrc Verfication Device if his/her fingers are dirty or soiled in anyway.

** It is important that all voters must ensure that their fingers are clean before they go through verfication

** During elections, the Commission engages thousands of officials of various categories in temporary elections duties.

** They are not formally part of the Commission, but their services are so vital to the work of the Commission that they must be regarded as an informal part of the structure of the Electoral Commission.

The District Electoral Officer (DEO) recruits and works closely with these officials.
In this connection, the DEO is required to:
** Recruit the best persons available for the job at hand.
** Organize and supervise their proper training.
** Instill in them the correct attitude towards electoral work (impartiality, probity and Accountability) and to maintain the integrity of the Commission.
** Co-ordinate their activities in the spirit of team work; and
** Accord them, the importance, respect and dignity that they deserve.

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  1. Please teach us the folding procedure so that the thumb ink doesn’t print at the other candidate to make it a rejected one.

  2. How can I handle the BVD of the EC?

    1. Hold it horizontally on a firm table,remove sleeve from the box containing the Bvd. Open the box and remove the styrofoam on the device. Remove the device from the box and the transparent bag.

  3. What is the Crater for selecting electoral officers & polling assistants?

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