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Electoral Commission Of Ghana : Check Your Registration

Organisation : Electoral Commission Of Ghana
Facility : Check Your Registration
Country : Ghana
Check Here :

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Ghana Check Your Registration

For incorrect data, visit the exhibition center to effect the correction. If it’s a minor correction, which does not involve the printing of a new ID card, that will be done at the exhibition center. A major correction will involve going to the District Office to authenticate biometrically before a new card would be produced.

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For omitted names, go to the exhibition center to apply for inclusion. This would require biometric authentication at the District Office before your name can be included.

Deletion of deceased persons – Take along evidence, such as obituary notice with an attestation by a family head or from the Chief Imam, Death Certificates/Burial Permit or the Voters ID of deceased to the District Office. You will be required to fill an objection form which will then be sent to the District Registration Review Officer and The District Magistrate for review and subsequent deletion. Those who have applied for the deletion would be invited to meet with the DRRO.

Provisional Register

The Commission will not later than six months from the end of the registration period compile a provisional register of voters for each polling division stating the name, age and sex of each person whose application for registration at that division was accepted.

A copy of the provisional register of voters will be given to each registered political party in such form as the Commission may determine.

Exhibition :
The Commission will cause the provisional register of voters of each polling division to be opened for public inspection and scrutiny at the registration centre for such period as the Commission will by notice in the Gazette specify.

During the exhibition period :
** Any registered voter may inspect the provisional voters register to ascertain that the particulars on his voter I.D. card are the same as in the provisional register and in case of any discrepancy request the exhibition officer to make the necessary correction in the register

** Any person whose application for registration during the registration period was accepted but whose name does not appear in the provisional voters register on the ground that the person is not qualified to be registered as a voter.
** Any person entitled to be registered as a voter may object in the prescribed from to a person whose name appears in the provisional voters register on the ground that the person is not qualified to be registered as a voter.

Exhibition officer :
The Commission will appoint for each registration centre an exhibition officer to exhibit the provisional voters register.

The functions of an exhibition officer are to :
** Assist registered voters’ to find their names in the provisional voters’ register
** Check whether the details in the provisional voters’ register are the same as those on the voter’s I.D. card and if there is a discrepancy to make the necessary correction in the register
** Check for clerical errors
** Receive any claims and objections in the prescribed form concerning the inclusion of a person’s name in the register.

Qualification for registration

A person who (a) is a citizen of Ghana; (b) is of 18 years of age or above; (c) is of sound mind; (d) is resident or ordinarily resident in an electoral area; and (e) is not prohibited by any law in force from registering as a voter is entitled to have his name included in a register of voters for the electoral area during a period set aside for the registration of voters

Registration centres and electoral areas :
The Commission shall designate any place it considers appropriate as a registration centre for the purpose of registering voters.In designating a place as a registration centre, the Commission shall take into account
** The suitability of the place for use as a polling station on election day;
** The convenience of prospective applicants for registration

The Commission shall make known to political parties and the general public by publication in the Gazette, the radio, television or other medium of mass communication any place it designates as a registration centre at least 7 days before the first day of the period set aside for the registration of voters.

Registration Supervisors

** The Commission shall appoint registration supervisors for the registration of voters.
** Registration supervisors shall comprise a registration supervisor and two deputy registration supervisors who shall be appointed for each district in the country.

The functions of the registration supervisors are to :
** Make frequent visits to the registration centres in the district during the period of registration
** Ensure that the prescribed registration procedures are being complied with
** Ensure that the essential registration materials are available
** Make prompt written reports to the district officer or the regional director of the Commission on the availability of registration materials and any lapses in the performance of duties by officials responsible for the registration of voters

The registration supervisors shall not have custody of registration forms during the registration period but shall assist the district officer of the Commission in the distribution and collection of registration forms and other essential registration materials to and from the registration centres.

Authorized persons

Any of the following persons may give instructions or directives to a registration officer or his assistant and shall have right of entry to a registration centre
** Members of the Commission
** Regional Directors of the Commission and their deputies
** District officers of the Commission
** Supervising registration officers of a district.
A registration officer may exclude from the registration centre any person whose conduct he considers to be disruptive to the registration process.

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