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Electoral Office Northern Ireland : Special Category Registration

Organisation : The Electoral Office of Northern Ireland
Facility : Special Category Registration
Country : Northern Ireland

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Special Category Registration :
Overseas Elector Registration Form :
Anonymous Elector Registration Form :
Service Voter Form :
Crown Servant or British Council employee Form :
Declaration of Local Connection Registration Form :
Home Page :

Special Category Registration :

The deadline for registering to vote at the EU Referendum on 23 June 2016 is 7 June.

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Overseas electors will be able to vote at the EU Referendum on 23 June 2016.

Form to register as an Overseas Elector :
** British or eligible Irish citizens living abroad can be registered in the same parliamentary constituency as they were registered prior to going abroad.
** In order to qualify as an overseas elector you must have been listed on the Northern Ireland Electoral Register at some point within the last 15 years or, if you were not old enough to register, your parent or guardian must have been registered.
** Overseas electors can vote at Westminster Parliamentary and European Parliamentary elections, but not Northern Ireland Assembly or Local Government elections.
** You will need to appoint someone (known as a “proxy”) to vote on your behalf as postal votes cannot be sent outside the UK.
** Alternatively you can vote in person if you will be at home on polling day.
** If you are appointing a proxy to vote at the EU Referendum on 23 June the deadline for submitting your application is 5.00pm on 3 June.

How do I register as an overseas elector? :
** Fill in the registration form.
** Please give a telephone number and email address in case we have any queries about your form.
** Make sure you sign the declaration and ask another person who is either a British citizen or an eligible Irish citizen* to sign the witness declaration.
** This person must be over 18, not related to you and not resident in the United Kingdom
** Decide how you want to vote –in person (if you are likely to be in Northern Ireland on the date of an election) or by proxy (someone you appoint to vote on your behalf).
** If you wish to vote by proxy complete section 6.
** Please note you cannot choose to vote by post because the address to which the ballot paper is to be sent must be in the United Kingdom.
** You must renew your overseas voter registration every year or you will lose your right to vote.
** You will receive a reminder from your Area Electoral Office telling you when you need to do this.
** If you change your address, you must inform the Area Electoral Office in the area where you are registered, or you will not receive your reminder.

There are two versions of the register- the full and the edited version. Your details will appear on the full version of the register, but you can choose whether or not your details appear on the edited register

The edited register :
If you tick the ‘edited register’ box, your name and address will not appear on the edited register, which anyone can buy or use for any purpose. Any person, company or organisation including ‘junk – mail’ companies can buy a copy of the edited register for business activities such as marketing.

The full register :
** lists the name and address of everyone who is registered.
** By law, certain public organisations and people, including politicians, can receive the full register.
** Anyone can look at it but it is a crime to supply or use the information for purposes other than those allowed by law.
** Credit reference agencies can use the full register, but only to check your name and address if you are applying for credit.
** Return the completed form to the Area Electoral Office responsible for the address where you were last registered to vote in Northern Ireland.
** You can find the correct office by telephoning the Helpline on 0800 4320 712 or a list of offices can be found on our website

More information :
You can contact us in one of the following ways:
Helpline: 0800 4320 712

Form to register as an Anonymous Elector :
If the safety of you (or someone in your household) would be at risk if your name or address was on the electoral register you can use this form to register anonymously. This means that your details will not appear on the register although you will be registered. Please read the notes attached to the form for details of how to apply.

Form to register using a Declaration of Local Connection (homeless person) :
If you are not resident at any address in Northern Ireland on a permanent basis you can register at an address at which you commonly spend a substantial part of your time using a Declaration of Local Connection form. You will be registered in the area in which the address you give is situated. Please read the notes attached to the form for details of how to apply.

The Edited Register / Open Register :

** A revised version of the edited Register (also known as the ‘Open Register’) is published on 1 December each year and in advance of an election.
** Monthly updates to the edited Register are not published.
** The edited Register omits the names and addresses of people who have asked to be excluded from that version of the Register, either by ticking the Edited Register box on the registration form or submitting a request to have their details removed from this Register (this may be done by sending an email to
** Two thirds of those listed on the full Register choose to have their details omitted from the edited version.
** If your details are included in the edited Register they will be available to websites such as and other organisations for commercial purposes.
** You may receive more junk mail if your details are included in the edited Register.

Sale of the Edited Register :
** The edited Register is available for sale to any person or organisation for any purpose.
** It may be purchased from Headquarters (for the whole of Northern Ireland) or Area Offices (for the area covered by that office).
** See the Contact Us page for contact details and a list of areas covered by each office.

Inspection of the Edited Register in Person :
** The edited Register may be inspected in person at any Area Electoral Office.
** Only the current Register is available for inspection.
** Persons inspecting the edited register may copy it in any way they wish.
** Inspection of the edited register is not supervised.
** Edited registers are destroyed once a new version is published.

The Marked Register :
The marked register is the polling station register on which a mark has been placed against the name of every person to whom a ballot paper has been issued.

Supply of the Marked Register :
** A copy of the marked register may be supplied free of charge to police forces and other law enforcement agencies but only if they have previously inspected the marked register.
** No other organisation is entitled to be supplied with a free copy of the marked register.

Sale of the Marked Register :
** Any person entitled to be supplied with a copy of the full register (see above) may purchase a copy of the marked register.
** The fee payable is the same as the fee for the full register.
** No other person or organisation is entitled to purchase the marked register.
** Anyone wishing to purchase the marked register should email
** Any purchased copies of the marked register may only be used for the same purpose for which the full register would be used by the recipient, or for research or electoral purposes.
** Any free copies provided to police forces and other law enforcement agencies can only be used for the purpose of the prevention and detection of crime and the enforcement of the criminal law.
** The restrictions on use of the full register apply equally to the marked register.

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