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Elections Hawaii : Frequently Asked Questions

Organisation : Office of Elections Hawaii
Facility : Frequently Asked Questions
Country : United States
State : State of Hawaii

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Election Day Information FAQ :

Where is my polling place?
You can find your polling place by giving us a call at 808-453-VOTE (8683).

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Am I entitled to time off for voting on Election Day?
If you are working on Election Day, you may be entitled to a maximum of two consecutive hours off from work in order to vote. Voters shall not be subject to any penalty, rescheduling of normal hours, or deductions from salary or wages because of such absence.
The law does not apply to employees whose work hours include a period of two consecutive hours while the polls are open when the employee is not working for the employer. Polling place hours are 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

What identification can I bring to the polling place?
Forms of acceptable identification include a valid photo ID (Drivers License, State ID, etc), a copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, or other government issued document that shows your name and address.

What time are the polls open on Election Day?
Polls are open from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM. If you are in line at 6:00 PM, you will be allowed to vote.

I did not receive my yellow card.
Contact your Clerk’s Office to find out the status of your Voter Notification and Address Confirmation (Yellow Card).

Do I have to vote according to party affiliation?
Voters are not required to declare a political party preference prior to voting. However, voters should know that Hawaii conducts a single party primary election in which voters select candidates from the party of their choice. A voter’s choice of party and candidates remain secret as provided by the Hawaii State Constitution.

How do I switch political parties?
Individuals should contact their political parties directly for more information regarding membership.
Voters are not required to declare a party preference prior to voting. The Hawaii State Constitution provides for the secrecy of the vote, including the voter’s political party selection.

I will be out of town on Election Day. How can I vote?
You can request a mail ballot by completing a Wikiwiki Absentee Application and submitting it to your Clerk’s Office. You can also vote at an early walk-in location – dates and locations are available closer to elections.

What is the difference between a Plurality Election vs. a Majority Election?
Plurality Elections :
In elections that are decided by plurality, the candidate who receives the most votes wins the election. The candidate does not need a certain percentage of the votes to be elected.

Majority Elections :
Majority is defined as: “At least 50% of the votes plus one or a number greater than half of the total votes cast.”
If no candidate receives a majority of the votes, the two candidates that received the highest number of votes move on to the general election, where a winner is then determined by who receives the most votes (plurality).

Online Voter Registration :
What is online voter registration?
Online voter registration allows eligible residents to register to vote or update a registration to a new address or name through a secure website.

How do I register to vote online?
To register online, visit You must provide a Hawaii Driver’s License or State ID, and your Social Security Number. If you cannot provide these, you may submit a paper Wikiwiki Voter Registration & Permanent Absentee Application by mail, or in-person.

Is there a deadline to register to vote online?
The deadline to register online is 30 days prior an election by 4:30 PM.
The 2016 registration deadlines are:
Primary Election: July 14, 2016
General Election: October 10, 2016

Is online registration secure?
Yes. The online voter registration system is maintained on the Hawaii State Government Private Cloud, which is operated by the Office of Information Management and Technology.

How is my application processed?
The online system requires an applicant to provide a Hawaii Driver’s License or State ID, and Social Security Number, which will be verified with data from the Department of Transportation’s database, which is maintained by the City and County of Honolulu’s Department of Information Technology.
Upon receipt of the application, the Clerk’s Office will review and approve the application.

Am I automatically registered to vote when I submit the online application?
No. Online voter registration application is an easy way to submit your information. Upon receipt of the application, it will be reviewed and accepted by your Clerk’s Office.

Will I be notified after registering?
Yes. The information you provide on your application is verified by your Clerk’s Office. You will be mailed a notification postcard verifying your voter registration status prior to the election.
If your information cannot be verified, you will be notified how to complete your voter registration.

Can I vote online?

Is voter registration information confidential?
Hawaii law allows release of certain voter information to individuals or organizations for government or election purposes only. Only a voter’s name, district/precinct, and voter registration status is publi

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