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Organisation : Office of Elections Hawaii
Facility : Voter Registration
Country : United States
State : State of Hawaii

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Voter Registration :
Qualifications :
The State of Hawaii encourages every eligible person to register to vote.

You must be :
** A citizen of the United States
** A legal resident of Hawaii
** At least 16 years of age (Hawaii law allows individuals to pre-register at 16 years of age, but must be 18 years old by Election Day to vote.)

You are ineligible to vote :
** If you are currently a convicted felon
** If deemed by a superior courts as mentally incompetent

Ways to Register :
Online : You will need a Hawaii Driver’s License or State ID, and your Social Security Number.
Mail : Complete a Wikiwiki Voter Registration Application and mail to your City/County Clerk’s Office.
In-Person : Apply in-person at your City/County Clerk’s Office or at the Office of Elections.

Deadlines to Register :
Primary Election July 14, 2016
General Election October 10, 2016
Your application must be postmarked to the City/County Clerk where you reside by the dates specified above.

Online Voter Registration :
To use Online Voter Registration, you will need the following :
** Your current Hawaii Driver’s License or Hawaii State ID card
** Your Social Security Number
** If you DO NOT have a current Hawaii Driver’s License or Hawaii State ID, click here to learn how to register by mail or in-person.

You may use Online Voter Registration to :
** Register to vote
** Update your existing voter registration
** Confirm your voter registration address
** Request to vote by mail

Register by Mail or In-Person :
Mail :
Voter registration applications may be obtained at any of the following locations :
** Office of Elections
** City/County Clerk’s Office
** Satellite City Hall
** Public libraries
** U.S. Post Offices
** Phone Directory
** State services agencies
** Online – Download the Wikiwiki Voter Registration and Permanent Absentee application
Complete the voter registration application and mail or deliver to your City/County Clerk’s Office.

If you are registering for the first time in Hawaii and will be mailing your voter registration application, federal law requires you to provide proof of identification.

Proof of I.D. includes a copy of :
** A current and valid photo identification
** A current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document that shows your name and address

If you do not provide the required proof of identification with your voter registration application, you will be required to do so at your polling place, or with your voted mail ballot.

Rules Determining Residency :
The following are the rules that determine one’s residency during an election, according to the Hawaii Revised Statutes §11-13 :
** The residence of a person is that place in which that person’s habitation is fixed, and to which, whenever the person is absent, the person has the intention to return;
** A person does not gain residence in any precinct into which the person comes without the present intention of establishing the person’s permanent dwelling place within such precinct;
** If a person resides with the person’s family in one place, and does business in another, the former is the person’s place of residence; but any person having a family, who establishes the person’s dwelling place other than with the person’s family, with the intention of remaining there shall be considered a resident where the person has established such dwelling place;
** The mere intention to acquire a new residence without physical presence at such place, does not establish residency, neither does mere physical presence without the concurrent present intention to establish such place as the person’s residence;
** A person does not gain or lose a residence solely by reason of the person’s presence or absence while employed in the service of the United States or of this State, or while a student of an institution of learning, or while kept in an institution or asylum, or while confined in a prison;
** No member of the armed forces of the United States, the member’s spouse or the member’s dependent is a resident of this State solely by reason of being stationed in the State;
** A person loses the person’s residence in this State if the person votes in an election held in another state by absentee ballot or in person.

There is no express prohibition which prevents active duty military and their dependents from claiming residency in the State of Hawaii, and therefore registering to vote. Taken in its entirety this above section, HRS §11-13, calls for an individual to positively determine their residency status and therefore the fulfillment of one of the qualifications to register to vote.

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