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Cayman Islands Elections Office : Search Name in Elector Database

Organisation : Cayman Islands Elections Office
Facility : Search Name in Elector Database
Territory : Cayman Islands

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Cayman Islands Search Name in Elector Database

** This database contains information from the OCT 01 , 2015 Official List.
** To search the entire elector database click search.

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** You may search by either District, First Name, Last Name or any combination of the three in order to narrow down your search.
** Clicking search without specifying any information will return the entire database.

Total Electors by District for OCT 1, 2015 :
Official Register of Electors – 18,285
District | North Side | East End | Cayman Brac & Little Cayman | Bodden Town | West Bay | George Town :
Totals 582 624 1,012 4,527 4,163 7377

Click to select a specific district to search. Leave blank to search all districts
Type in a name or part of a name. Leave blank to return all names
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How to Vote

1. An elector must not vote at more than one polling station.
2. An elector may vote for 1 candidate only. If the elector votes for more than 1 candidate the ballot paper is void and none of the votes will be counted.
3. If an elector attempts to give a candidate more than 1 vote the candidate will be awarded 1 vote only.
4. An elector votes for a candidate by placing an X to the right of the candidate’s name, thus
5. If an elector marks the ballot paper in any way that will identify the elector the ballot paper will be rejected.
6. After voting, an elector must fold the ballot paper along the line shown on the ballot paper and hand the folded ballot paper to the presiding officer.
7. The presiding officer will, in the full view of those present including the elector, remove the counterfoil from the ballot paper and return the ballot paper to the elector who will deposit the ballot paper in the ballot box; except that where the elector is unable from physical or other disability to deposit the ballot paper in the ballot box, the presiding officer will, on the elector’s behalf, deposit the ballot paper in the ballot box.
8. If an elector inadvertently spoils a ballot paper he or she can obtain another one by returning the spoilt one to the presiding officer.
9. A person given a ballot paper must not take it from the polling station.
10. After voting an elector must leave the polling station.

Elections Office

Smith Road Centre
150 Smith Road, 2nd Floor
George Town

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  1. How can I check my vote area and location because I am out of country. I have no Pakistani mobile number. So how can I send and where to send sms 8300?

    1. Which country you belong to?

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