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Cayman Islands Elections Office : FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Organisation : Cayman Islands Elections Office
Facility : FAQs Frequently Asked Questions
Territory : Cayman Islands

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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions :
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If I register once do I have to again?
No, but if you have a change of name, street address or occupation there are procedures to follow.

How old must I be in order to register?
In order to register you must reach the age of majority, which in the Cayman Islands is 18 years on or before polling day.

Where do I obtain copies of birth certificates?
Copies of birth certificates may be obtained from the General Registry at a cost of $5 each.

What do I have to provide to prove that I am qualified to register?
** Complete form 4, which is the application for registration as an elector.
** This form is quite user friendly and acts as a guide as to what documentation is required to qualify as an elector.
** The reverse side of the form provides the qualifications to be registered as an elector as contained in the Cayman Islands Constitution.
** In the case of a Caymanian, only birth certificates are required (his and one of his parents or grandparents).
** Those who possess Caymanian Status, British Overseas Territories Citizenship by virtue of a connection with the Islands and acquired such citizenship by birth/descent/naturalisation/registration must provide all relevant documentation i.e. status letter, naturalisation/registration certificate

What is the total number of electors in my electoral district?
The current number for this period may be found on the statistics page of this website

As an agent for a candidate can I take a personal communication device into the polling station?
No. All electronic communication devices including cameras, cell phones, two way radios and voice recorders are forbidden in polling stations and at the count with the exception of equipment provided by the Supervisor for use by Elections Office personnel.

Must I be a registered elector in order to nominate a candidate?
Not only must you be a registered elector but must be registered in the electoral district for which the candidate seeks election. It is an offence to sign a nomination paper if you are not a registered elector of that electoral district.

What if I am serving a sentence of imprisonment by a court in any part of the Commonwealth?
If you are serving a sentence of imprisonment (including a suspended sentence) which exceeds twelve months imposed on by a court in any part of the Commonwealth, the Constitution makes it quite clear that you do not qualify to be registered as an elector.

If I am out of prison on parole or expect to be paroled in the near future can I register to vote?
No. You are still under sentence. After the expiration of your term/license you may re-register by submitting a completed Form 4 to the Registering Officer in your district.

Why is it not possible for the media to film electors inside a polling station or the count?
The Elections Law states who may be present at a polling station. Voting in these islands is a private affair and so as to provide electors with as much privacy as possible the media is excluded and only a limited number of authorized personnel are allowed into a polling station or counting station

What if I am working on elections day do I get time off to vote?
Although elections day is a public holiday there are electors who will be employed during the period the polls are being taken. Every employee must be given a reasonable period for voting and no employer shall make any deduction from the pay or other remuneration of any such employee or extract from him any penalty by reason of his absence during such period.

Can I have a party at my house on election day?
Yes, provided that it is not done to influence electors and you are outside the 100 yards prescribed by Law as an exclusion zone around polling/counting stations.

Can I be an agent in an electoral district other than the one in which I am registered?
No. In order to be an agent for a candidate you must be entitled to vote in the same electoral district as that in which the candidate has been nominated. You cannot be an agent outside your electoral district.

Do I have to attend the nomination station in the electoral district in which I am contesting a seat
No, this is not necessary. A completed nomination paper may be delivered by the person nominated or by a person acting on his behalf.

How many representatives are there in each electoral district?
An electoral district is represented in the Legislative Assembly by the following number of elected members:
West Bay – four members
George Town – four members
Cayman Brac & Little Cayman – two members
Bodden Town – three members
North Side – one member
East End – one member

Where do I obtain copies of the Elections Law and Constitution?
Copies of the Elections Law (2009 Revision) and the Cayman Islands (Constitution) Order may be obtained from the Legislative Assembly. Copies may also be obtained from this website in the downloads section.

How soon after being nominated can I appoint my agents and when is the cut-off date?
Immediately after being nominated and up until 7 days before the commencement of the poll a candidate may appoint his or her agents.

I reside in Little Cayman and if there is no polling station, how do I vote?
Due to the small number of electors in Little Cayman the Elections Office has not appointed a polling station there as yet. To accommodate the electors on that island, two options are available: Voting by postal ballot or voting in person at polling division 2 on Cayman Brac. There would have to be a significant increase in electors on that island to justify the costs and logistics of appointing a polling station and staffing it.

Can I be an agent for more than one candidate?
Yes you can, an agent may be appointed on behalf of more than one candidate and a person may be appointed both as a polling agent and a counting agent. A candidate may appoint no more than 2 polling and 2 counting agents for each polling or counting station.

Do I need to attend the polling station early in the morning to join the queue?
Sufficient polling stations have been appointed to accommodate a 100% turnout at the polls. There is really no need for electors to show up at polling stations all at once.

Where are the electoral boundaries and how many electoral districts are there?
The boundaries for each electoral district are defined in the Elections Law.
There are six electoral districts: West Bay, George Town, Bodden Town, East End, North side, Cayman Brac & Little Cayman.

If I decide to withdraw my candidature is it possible and if so how close up to election day?
Any duly nominated candidate may withdraw his candidature if he gives the Returning Officer a signed notice of his intention to do so no later than 10 clear days before election day.

If I am not on the Register of Electors can I still vote?
You cannot vote unless your name appears on the official Register of Electors

If I am registered to vote in Cayman Brac can I contest a seat in Grand Cayman?
Yes, provided that you meet the qualifications for elected membership.

Will candidates be able to use the media on election day to encourage electors to vote for them?
No. This is prohibited by Law

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