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Organization : Idaho Secretary Of State
Facility : Where Do I Vote?
State : Idaho
Country : United States

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Where Do I Vote? :
Home Page :

Where Do I Vote? :
** Select a County
** Enter House #
** Enter minimum of 3 characters of the Street Name with no directions or street type. If the street name is less than 3 letters enter it in quotes:
** Click Next Button

** “E Mountain View Ave S” should be as entered as Mountain View or a least Mou
** “E 1000 S” should be entered as 1000
** “A avenue” should be entered as “A”
Please Enter your county, house number, and street name

General Information :
This application helps Idaho citizens find their polling place and check to see if they are registered voters. The information comes from the Idaho Statewide Voter Registration System and is maintained by each county. If you have questions about the information shown, please contact your County Clerk. Their contact information can be found at

The application provides the following search option :
Where Do I Vote? :
To begin a search process, you click on the SELECT pushbutton under one of the questions. Next, you will be asked to provide some more information and click a NEXT pushbutton. Then you will see the results of this search. If you need to restart your search at anytime or switch to the other search option, click the HOME pushbutton.

Where Do I Vote? :
Where Do I Vote search is based on a street address. It is not based on your current voter registration card. If you have moved recently or are about to move, you can use this search to determine your new polling place location.

Enter the following information to determine where you vote and then click the NEXT pushbutton. :
** Select the county from the list
** Enter the house number. This should include any fractions or alphabetic components.
** Enter at least the first 3 characters of the street name without pre-directional, post-directional and street type.

** The system will display any streets in our records in the County with the house number and beginning with the characters entered in the street name. Then you select the correct Street Name – City combination and click NEXT pushbutton to see your County Precinct, Legislative District, Congressional District and Polling Place information.
** If the address is not found, you will see a message asking you to contact your county clerk to find your polling place.
** The GET DIRECTIONS pushbutton will take you to MapQuest so that you can get directions to the polling place.

NOTE: MapQuest currently supports Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers only.

The system will not accept city, pre-directional, post-directional or street type to help address any discrepancies with addresses. For example, you may call your street Main St. but in our data, the street is called E Main St or W Main St or you may live outside of a city’s limits and are unsure what city is associated with your address.

Examples :
** If you live at 711 1st St, Emmett in Gem County, you should select Gem as the county, enter 711 as the house number and 1st as the street name.
** If you live at 3216 W Spring Creek Dr, Twin Falls in Twin Falls County, you should select Twin Falls as the county, enter 3216 as the house number and a minimum of Spr as the street name.
** If you live at 100D A St in Canyon County, you should select Canyon as the county, enter 100D as the house number and “A” as the street name.

NOTE: Street Name field is not case sensitive.

Tips :
** To reduce the street names displayed in the Select Address box, enter as many characters as possible during a street name search.
** For street names that are numeric such as 1st, you may need to try both the numeric (1st) and alphabetic spelling (First) in the street name field.
** For street names with multiple words (Spring Creek), you may need to do a partial name search (spr or spring) to find the street due to the spacing in the name.

Thank you for using the Polling Place Locator..

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