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Organization : Fijian Elections Office
Facility : Find Your Polling Venue
Country: Fiji

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Fiji Find Polling Venue

** Free text 545 with your voter ID number to find out where your polling venue is.
** You will receive a reply informing you of your polling venue. Please make sure to save this text.

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** It’s that easy!
** If you have any questions, please call 545 or visit a Voter Information Centre near you.

How to Cast Your Vote

** On Election Day, you will go to your assigned polling station between the hours of 7.30am and 6.00pm.
** You must make sure you are standing in the voter queue before 6.00pm or you will not be allowed to vote.
** You must bring your voter identification card with you.
** If you forget your voter ID and do not have another valid form of ID, you will still be allowed to vote but it will take longer because you will have to verify your personal details and have your thumbprint taken.
** When you enter your polling station, your finger will be checked for ink to make sure that you have not already voted and you will be issued with a Voter Instruction Booklet.
** (The Voter Instruction Booklet will contain every candidate’s name and photograph next to their unique three digit candidate number, which will appear on the ballot paper.)
** You will then be asked to present your Voter ID Card and sign by your name on the voter list.
** After you have signed your name, you will be given a ballot paper, which you will take behind one of the designated voting screens.
** Once behind the voting screen, you will mark your ballot to vote for the candidate of your choice and then fold the ballot paper. Voting is conducted in total privacy. No one can see who you vote for, and no one can tell you who to vote for.
** You will then be asked to dip one of your fingers in ink that cannot be rubbed off.
** This is a simple way to prevent cheating by stopping anyone who tries to vote twice under different names.
** (Don’t worry; the ink is designed to fade after a couple of days.)
** Finally, once you have had your finger inked, you will place your ballot into a secure ballot box and exit the polling station.
** While you are in the polling station, you will not be able to talk to anybody except Elections Officials wearing official badges.
** You will also not be able to use your mobile phone, camera or any other electronic device.
** If you witness what you believe to be any breach in polling procedure, unlawful campaign activity, or illegal interference with the rights of a voter, you may submit a written complaint to the presiding officer during the hours of polling.

How To Mark Your Ballot Paper

** Every candidate standing for office in the election will be randomly assigned a three-digit number one month before the election.
** The ballot paper will contain every candidate’s number.
** Each voter will receive a Voter Instruction Booklet that clearly display each candidate’s number alongside his or her name and photograph.
** To vote for a candidate you circle, cross or tick his or her number on the ballot paper.
** You will not be able to bring any sort of sample ballot paper, card or instruction on how to vote into the polling station.

How Your Vote Will Be Counted

** Votes will be counted on location at the polling station where they were cast in a detailed and transparent process.
** The presiding officer for the polling station will be in charge of the count, which will take place in full view of election observers, agents from political parties and the media.
** Agents have the right to request a recount. Written requests must be submitted with reasons for the request.
** Once the presiding officer is satisfied the procedures have been complied with, the results from the polling station will be publicly posted and securely delivered to the Elections Supervisor in Suva.
** The Supervisor will then prepare the National Results Tally, which will record the total number of votes cast for each candidate and the total number of votes for each political party.
** This will happen in the presence of candidates, polling agents, observers and media representatives and the tally will also be displayed to the public as it is progressively updated

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