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Organization : Wyoming Secretary of State
Facility : Voter Registration
State : Wyoming
Country : United States

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Register to Vote :
Q. Who can register and vote in Wyoming? :
You may register to vote if you meet all of the following qualifications:
** A United States citizen
** A resident of Wyoming
** 18 years of age or older on election day
** Not declared to be mentally incompetent by a court
** Not convicted of a felony (unless you were pardoned or have had your rights restored)

Q. How do I register to vote and is there a deadline? :
** You may register in person at the county clerk or town clerk’s office.
** You may register by mail. Send your completed and notarized voter registration application to your county clerk. When mailing your form, be sure to attach photocopies of your identification document(s). Click here to obtain the registration form.
** You may register at your polling place on Election Day. Please bring documents that prove your eligibility to register and vote.
** The deadline for voter registration is 14 days before an election.
** However, you may register and vote at the same time — during the absentee voting period or on Election Day.

How long do I have to live in Wyoming to qualify to register to vote? :
Wyoming law does not define the period of residency for voter registration. Applicants are asked on the voter registration application to provide their residence address in Wyoming, sign an oath affirming that they meet the legal qualifications to register and vote, and to provide a document that bears their name and residence address (e.g., driver’s license, utility bill, pay stub, etc). Your Wyoming driver’s license is the preferred document.

Q. How can I find my county clerk? :
There are 23 county clerks who are the chief election officers for their counties. Feel free to contact your county clerk if you have specific questions about your voter registration, polling place, or voting. Click here to obtain the roster of county clerks.

Q. Can I register to vote when I get my driver’s license? :
No, you cannot register to vote at the same time as you get your driver’s license. The town or county clerk’s office and your polling place are the only places where you can register to vote. Wyoming is exempt from the National Voter Registration Act, also known as the Motor Voter Act, which permits voter registration at the department of motor vehicles.

Q. Do I need to re-register for each election? :
If you voted in the most recent general election, you remain on the voters’ list. If you did not vote in the last general election, if you have moved to another county or changed your name, you will need to register with the county clerk.

Q. How do I change my party affiliation? :
To change your party affiliation or to declare a new affiliation, complete the Wyoming Voter Registration Application & Change Form and submit it to your county clerk’s office not later than 14 days before the primary election. You may also change your party affiliation at your polling place on the day of the primary or general election, or when requesting an absentee ballot.

Q. I have a felony conviction from another state but I now live in Wyoming. Do I have to have my voting rights restored here before I can register and vote? :
** To register and vote in Wyoming, a convicted felon—regardless of where they were convicted—must have their right to vote restored in Wyoming.
** Contact the State Board of Parole at (307) 777-5444 for information on restoration of voting rights.
** Felons who register and vote illegally are subject to prosecution.
** Persons convicted of false swearing or false voting may be sentenced to five years’ imprisonment in the state penitentiary or a fine of up to $10,000, or both.

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  1. How do I check to make sure my absentee vote was recorded?

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