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College Voters :
Voter Registration and General Information :
Are you a resident of Alaska and attending college outside the State of Alaska? :
As an Alaska resident attending college out of state, you may choose to register to vote in the State of Alaska using your hometown address. You may register and vote in only one state per election. If you register using your Alaska hometown address, you will have to vote at either your designated voting polling place in your hometown or by absentee ballot.

To register to vote in Alaska, you must be :
** a United States Citizen;
** a Alaska Resident; and
** 18 years old or will be 18 years old within 90 days of completing the application.

If you register to vote from outside the State of Alaska, you must provide proof of Alaska residency, such as a current copy of your Alaska driver’s license, Alaska hunting or fishing license, student loan or college tuition documents showing Alaska as your state of residence. If you do not provide proof of Alaska residency, your application will not be processed.

If you registered to vote prior to leaving Alaska, you may use your last residence address you maintained in Alaska as your residence address for voting purposes. Don’t forget to complete a new voter registration form each time you change your residence and/or mailing address, name, political affiliation, or any other information.

Are you in Alaska going to college but a resident of another state? :
If you are attending college in Alaska, but are a resident of another state and wish to remain a resident of that state, contact the state election official in your home state for information about voter qualifications and the procedures for voting absentee in your home state. You may visit the National Association of Secretaries of State or the Election Assistance Commission Voter Information Center for information.

Alternative Voting Information ;
Are you currently in Alaska and want to vote prior to leaving? You may be able to vote by early vote or in-person at an absentee voting site.

Questioned Voting :
Voters must vote a questioned ballot if :
** their name is not on the precinct register;
** they do not have identification;
** their residence address has changed;
** during the Primary Election the voter requests a ballot type they are not eligible to receive;
** an observer challenges the voter’s qualifications to vote; or
** the voter has voted in another manner during the election.

** Voters who vote a questioned ballot sign a questioned ballot register and place their voted ballot inside a questioned ballot envelope before placing it in the ballot box.
** The information the voter provides on the outside of the envelope is used to determine what parts of the ballot can be counted and will also be used to register or update the voter’s registration record.
** When completing a questioned ballot envelope, write legibly.

Questioned ballot envelopes are reviewed by a review board to determine if the ballot can be counted prior to opening the envelope.
To protect the secrecy of the ballot, the review board removes the secrecy sleeve containing the voted ballot from the questioned ballot envelope and once the envelopes have been set aside, the ballot is then removed from the secrecy sleeve.

Voting Before Election Day :
Absentee voting is available if you are unable to vote at your precinct on Election Day.
Early and In-Person Voting – Beginning 15 days before Election Day you may visit an absentee location and vote in person.
Voting By-Mail – You may have a ballot mailed to you. The deadline to receive your by-mail application is 10 days prior to Election Day.
Voting By Electronic Transmission – If you do not have enough time to have a ballot mailed to you or you missed the deadline to apply for a by-mail ballot, you may apply for a ballot by electronic transmission beginning 15 days before Election Day.
Special Needs Voting – If you are unable to go to the polls due to age, illness or disability, you may have a personal representative pick up a ballot for you, beginning 15 days before Election Day.

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