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Organization : Division of Elections
Facility : Register or Update Your Voter Registration
State : Alaska
Country : United States

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How to Register or Update Your Voter Registration :
To register to vote or update your voter registration record, you (or an individual with a general power of attorney or special power of attorney authorizing that individual to register you) must complete and sign a Voter Registration Application.
** Voter Registration Application Wizard – Enter your information into our interactive wizard to generate a completed application for you to print and sign.
** Voter Registration Application Print an application for you to complete and sign.
** Send your completed and signed application by mail, fax or as an email attachment (PDF, TIFF or JPEG) to a Regional Elections office.
** Complete a form in person at any Division of Elections office, Division of Motor Vehicle office through a voter registration agency, or voter registrar.

Initially Registering from Outside the State of Alaska :
If you are not already registered to vote in Alaska and you are initially registering to vote from outside the state of Alaska, either by mail, fax or email, you must provide proof of Alaska residency by submitting a copy of one of the following documents with your voter registration application :
** Alaska driver’s license;
** Alaska hunting or fishing license;
** proof of Alaska student loan and college tuition showing Alaska as state of residency;
** military leave and earning statement indicating Alaska as place of residence;
** proof of employment in Alaska indicating date of employment; or
** other documentation that supports your claim as an Alaska resident.

Your proof of Alaska residency must be in your name, it cannot be in the name of your spouse, parent or legal guardian.

Initially Registering from Inside the State of Alaska :
If you are not already registered to vote in Alaska and you are initially registering to vote by mail, fax or email, please submit a copy of one of the below types of identification with your voter registration application :
** current and valid photo identification;
** driver’s license;
** passport;
** state identification card; or
** birth certificate.

Notification of Your Registration or Update to Your Registration :
Once your application is processed, you will receive a new voter registration card in the mail. Please allow up to four weeks to receive your card.

Who Can Register and Who Can Vote :
In order to register to vote in Alaska you must :
** be a United States citizen;
** be an Alaska resident;
** be at least 18 years old or within 90 days of your 18th birthday;
** not be a convicted felon, unless your voting rights have been restored; and
** not be registered to vote in another state unless you are willing to cancel your registration in the other state.

Determining residence for voting purposes :
** For voting purposes, you are considered an Alaska resident if you reside in the state and intend to remain here or you leave with the intent to return.

A person may vote who :
** is a United States citizen;
** is 18 years of age;
** has been a resident of the state and of the election district in which the person seeks to vote for at least 30 days before an election;
** has registered to vote on or before the registration deadline; and
** is not registered to vote in any other jurisdiction.

Restoration of Voting Rights – General Information :
Have you been convicted of a felony? :
** If you have been convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude or are on probation (parole) for the same crime, you are not eligible to register to vote.
** If you are no longer serving a sentence and have been unconditionally discharged from the supervision of the Department of Corrections, you can register in Alaska by completing a Voter Registration Application.

Information needed when you register to vote after being unconditionally discharged from your felony conviction. The Division of Elections must receive proof of your unconditional discharge from the supervising entity. If you do not have a letter or discharge papers, please contact your probation or parole office to obtain one and submit it with your Voter Registration Application.

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