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Organization : National Election Commission
Facility : Voter Registration
Country : Replublic of Sudan

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Voter Registration :
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Voter Registry :
Principles of The Registration Process :
1. Why voter registration? :
An accurate and comprehensive voter register is a basic component of a credible electoral operation as It :
Determines the eligibility of voters:
voter registration determines prior to pollingdate who is eligible to vote and who is not. Ineligible voters wilt not be authorised to register. Only those persons whose names are found in the register are allowed to vote and participate In the forthcoming Elections in April 2010.

Facilitates operational planning:
how many polling centres, their location and consequently the number of staff and materials needed.
Will make it easier (or voters To know the location of polling centres on elecTion day as most registration centres will become polling centres on election day

2. Principles of Registration :
The registration process is based on the following principles :
1. Registration is personal and proxy registration is net allowed. :
Anyone who wishes to register should come in person for registration. No proxy can represent another person In registration.
2. Registration occurs only once. :
A person can only register once. Registration by the same person In more than one registration centre Is not permitted. If the voter has a house in more than one constituency, he/she must choose only one location to register and it must be where he/she was residing during the three months preceding the registration period.
3. Registration is a prerequisite for voting In elections :
Inclusion In the voters register is a pre requisite for exercising the right to vote.
4. Inclusiveness :
Voting is a constitutional right for all eligible citizens. The voters’ register must include as many eligible voters as possible and registration must be accessible to all eligible citizens who are willing to participate in the elections, without restraints or obstacles that might hinder the citizens’ participation.
5. Registration is public :
Registration is conducted in public which will allow monitoring by national and international observers, party agents and representatives of the media as per the rules and procedures set forth by The National Elections Com mission.
6. Registration centres are pollinig centres :
In general, regisTration centres will become polling centres on the Election Day. Voters should go to The same centre where They registered.

7. Head of registration centre team determines a persons eligibility to register the head of the registration center team has the final say to determine weather the person is eligible to register or not. A person deemed ineligible has the right to lodge a complaint.
8. Registration is preliminary and can be challenged during The exhibition period
After the close of the registration process, the preliminary voters register will be publicly displayed. Registered voters can check their names and request corrections on any inaccurate information. Registered voters can object to the inclusion of those they deem ineligible to vote.

Fatima is a Sudanese national, 25, a resident of the state of the Blue Nile for five years. During the period of registration, she did not care about registering her name in the voters register. On the Election Day, Fatima went to the nearest polling centre in her neighbourhood. Will Fatima be able to vote?
Fatima cannot participate in the elections even If she meets The voter requirements because she did not register herself in the voters 11st during the registration period.

Joseph oame to register his name in the voters register. After he did so, he asked to register his ailing mother, who cannot come to the registration centre because ol her illness. Is it possible to register Joseph’s mother?
No. because registering Is personal and the person willing to register must be physically present.

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