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Organization : High National Elections Commission
Facility : Voter Registration
Country : Libya

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Voter Registration : hnec [dot] ly
Home page : hnec [dot] ly

Conditions of Voting :
Voters should have the following conditions :
1- Should be Libyan and should have the legal capacity.
2- Should be over the age of 18.
3- Should not be previously convicted of a felony or misdemeanour involving turpitude, unless rehabilitated.
4- Should not be a member in the regular military bodies.

Documents required for registration :
1- Family Booklet or a copy thereof.
2- The voter should provide one original identity document with a photograph of the voter attached thereto.
This document could be :
** an original family booklet
** or ID card
** or a passport
In case the family booklet is not available, for some reason, the voter can provide a certificate of the family status or the certificate of birth issued by the Civil Registry Bureau with a passport or ID card

What is a Candidate? :
Any citizen who wants to contest a seat at the NGC must either stand as an individual or be on the list of candidates of a political entity . Only people certified by HNEC and the Integrity and Patriotism Commission have the right to compete for the NGC elections. After a person has been approved by the HNEC and the IPC, s/he is formally registered as a candidate.

What is a Political Entity? :
According to the Elections law No (3) for 2012, a political entity is a group of individuals or a political gathering or coalition that submit a list of candidates for the election, according to a political agreement.

Who has the right to be nominated as a candidate? :
All Libyan citizens, men and women, who are eligible according to Article 9-10 of the Elections law No. 4 of 2012, have the right to nominate themselves or to be nominated on a political entity candidate list, for membership of the Congress.
The eligibility conditions are
** must be at least twenty one years of age on the date of submission of the candidate nomination
** must be eligible to vote
** fluent in reading and writing
** Not a member of the NTC or the interim government; and not a former member of the Executive Office or a chairperson of a local council
** Not a member of the HNEC, one of its sub-committees or polling centre committees
** Fulfil the National Integrity criteria and conditions adopted by the NTC through decision No (192) of 2011. The candidates shall be subject to the endorsement of the high commission for the implementation of integrity and patriotism criteria.

Additionally, in each Registration and Polling Station (RPS), there will be an RPS staff member who will :
1. Help voters identify the sub-constituency for which they wish to cast a ballot or ballots;
2. Provide booklets listing all the confirmed individual candidates and/or political entities for that sub-constituency, in the order in which they appear on the in-country ballot; and
3. Explain how to mark the ballot.

How will I know what type of ballot or ballots I need and who the candidates or political entities are?
Before the election, the HNEC will publish a list of all candidates and entities registered to contest each constituency on their website Additionally, at each OCV site there will be HNEC staff who will help voters to identify the sub-constituency for which they wish to vote and provide a booklet listing all of the eligible candidates and political entities for that sub-constituency. Depending on the subconstituency, the voter will be provided with either one or two ballots.

What is the process for registration and voting?
1. You will first prove you are eligible to vote by providing the requested documents, as listed above.
2. If eligible, you will be registered and issued with a Voter Card. This card must be kept in a safe place as it may be required to vote in future elections.
3. A Registration and Polling Station staff member will help you determine which sub-constituency you are voting for and provide either one or two ballots, with a corresponding list of candidates or political entities.
4. After marking your ballot(s) with one choice only, you will cast your ballot or ballots in the ballot box.

How will my vote be counted? :
Ballots will be counted in the Stations after the final day of voting. Results and ballots will then be sent directly the HNEC offices in Tripoli to be added to the country wide results. Accredited observers and agents will be invited to observe the process to ensure full transparency.

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