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Frequently Asked Questions :
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1. What is Biometric Voter Registration?
A voter registration system that uses a laptop computer/scanner/camera to capture an individual’s personal details, thumbprints, a photograph of neck and face for reference purposes and for future corrections on the data base. A voter identity card is issued to the registered voter and finally a list of Electors is compiled for the conduct of Elections.

2. Why are we using this biometric system?
It is sustainable and manageable, It helps prevent multiple registrations

3. Is the biometric process safe for my security and health?
Yes, there are no health implications. The Solomon Islands Electoral Commission is required by law to ensure that the information obtained during the voter registration process is used solely for electoral purposes. It cannot be divulged to any other person or organization, unless there is an important electoral reason for doing so.

4. Is the thumb scanner harmful?

5. I lost my thumb finger; will I still be able to be registered?

6. What are the stages in Voter Registration?
There are several stages in the whole registration process, these are
1. Initial registration
2. Matching and compilation of Provisional Voters List
3. Publication of the Provisional Voters List for public scrutiny/enquiry
4. The Omission and Objection period
5. Public Hearing
6. Finalizing the Voters List for the conduct of elections.

7. Is it a crime to register more than once?
Yes, anyone who is found guilty will be charged with giving a false statement/information to the Assistant Registration Officer and will be liable for a fine or a prison term.

8. Who is eligible to register to vote?
Anyone who is 18 years or above and a citizen of Solomon Islands

9. Who is not eligible to register to vote?
** Anyone who is Under the age of 18 years
** Not a citizen of Solomon Islands
** Certified to be of unsound mind by a medical practitioner
** Disqualified from registering as an elector under any law being in-force in the Solomon Islands
** Under a sentence of death or a sentence of imprisonment for a term of, or exceeding six months

11. Where should I register to vote?
At a Registration Center closes to the area where you live. Voter Registration Centers will open from 7 am and close at 5 pm from Mondays to Saturday and Sundays from 2pm – 5pm.

12. What sort of information do I need to know to complete a registration form?
Before you go to registration center, make sure that you know your
** Your full name
** Your date birth
** Your father’s full name
** Your mother’s full name
** Ward,
** Village/area

13. Will there be an out of constituency voter registration/centre?
Yes, but only in Honiara. Specific centres will be selected for the excercise.

14. Can I register in one province and go to another province or village to register again?
No. you cannot register twice the biometric system will detect and expose you.

15. Who keeps your voter ID card?
The voter. You will have to keep it in a safe place.

17. Can I register any member of my family who is absent during the registration period?
No; When you register your photo will be taken and your finger print scanned. Therefore it will be impossiblefor you to register on behalf of anyone else, including members of your family who may be absent during the registration period. Each photo and finger print is unique and kept with your personal details for identification purposes. Each applicant has to be physically present at the Voter Registration Center in order to be registered.

18. I cannot read and write. Can I ask for assistance?
Yes If you cannot complete the Registration Form then the Assistant Registration Officer will help you complete the Form. You will still have to sign or mark the declaration on the Form.

19. I cannot read and write. What should I do or how should I sign the declaration on the registration form?
Put an x or any letter or mark on the form as your signature.

20. If I turn18 years old after the registration period can I register to vote?
No, You can only register if you are 18 years or older on the date you go to register.

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