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Organisation : Solomon Islands Electoral Commission
Facility : Check Your Registration Status
Country : Solomon Islands

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Registered Voter Search :
To check your registration status, please enter your voter registration number below, then press Check Registration. Enter your number exactly as provided you at the time of registration.

How to vote :
Outside the polling station, you queue and await your turn.

When it is your turn to vote :
** Your fingers are examined to ensure you have not voted before
** Your name is checked on the voters roll
** You are then given a ballot paper
** Your left hand little finger is dipped inside the indelible ink container
** You go into the ballot booth (compartment) in secret. You mark X next to the name and symbol of the person of your choice. Write nothing else on the ballot paper. Then you fold your ballot paper.
** You go and deposit your ballot paper in the ballot box
** You then leave the polling station
** After the polling station has closed, the presiding officer, in the presence of candidates, election agents and observers, accounts for all ballot papers used and seals (closes) the ballot boxes.

Omissions and Objections :
** It is important to inspect the Provisional Voters List before the election to ensure that you are on the list and that your details are correctly recorded.
** Anyone can submit a ‘claim of objection’ form (Form E) to delete any name appearing on the voters list (Electoral Roll) that they believe should not be on the list.
** The Electoral Commission can also object to any name on the list by submitting an objection claim form (Form E1) to delete any name appeared on the list that should not be on the voters list.
** The Electoral Commission will hold public inquiries to investigate these claims.
** The inquiries will determine whether to remove or retain names on the final voters list.

Why Vote? :
Your vote is your voice.
What is Democracy? :
** Democracy means government of the people, by the people and for the people.
** A democratic society is a society in which everyone is valued, decisions are based on consultation, leadership is accountable, resources are shared for the common good and rights are protected.
** Democracy allows citizens to exercise their rights to freedom of choice, freedom of expression, belief and opinion, freedom of assembly and freedom to vote.
** These are important rights which must be protected and upheld by the people participating in elections.
** Elections are, therefore, building blocks of democracy.
** By voting, citizens gain control over their lives and what happens in their communities.
** They have the opportunity to elect candidates who address their interests and concerns and reflect beliefs, values and wishes of the majority of the population.
** They also have the opportunity to remove from office representatives who have failed to fulfill their expectations.
** Voting is thus a peaceful way of determining who governs.
** The decision you make at each election will determine your future and that of your community and your country.
** In a democracy, all registered voters have the right to nominate and be nominated as candidates and to vote for a candidate.
** Women, youths and people with disabilities are particularly encouraged to participate in elections.

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