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Frequently Asked Questions :
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Frequently Asked Questions :
1. Can I vote if I have lost my National ID card?
If you are a registered voter yes you can still vote however, you must present another form of picture ID as proof of identity either in the form of a passport or driver’s license. If you are unable to provide any of the aforementioned supporting documents but the returning officer has confirmed that your name appears on the Electoral Roll for that constituency you will be required to :(a) take the oath set out in Form 6 of the Schedule; of the Electoral Act 1989 and then (b) to place your signature on the oath form, and any person refusing shall not be allowed to vote.

2. Can I still vote even if I am away from my voting district on Election Day?
Yes you can still vote however, you must go to the assigned polling station for your electoral district as directed by the Commission. For example, if you are registered to Vava’u but are in Tongatapu on Election Day you will need to go to the Polling Station for Vava’u voters in Tongatapu as stated by the Commission.

3. I have registered but I do not want to vote on Election Day are there any consequences?
Voting is optional and up to the individual on Election Day however, the Commission wishes to encourage Tongan citizens to exercise their right to vote. However, registration is COMPULSORY for all eligible individuals (21 years of age+).If you do not register you will be fined $50 TOP.

4. Can permanent residents holding a National Identity Card vote?
No, only registered voters are able to vote.

5. Can I still vote if I am registered but am now in prison?
The election will be held in a polling places as appointed and prison is a not a polling place. If you have been convicted of an unpardoned criminal offence and sentenced to imprisonment for more than 2 years, you are not eligible to vote. Please remember that you have to be a REGISTERED voter in Tonga and your name to appear on the Electoral roll to be able to vote and you must go to the assigned Polling Station on Election Day.

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