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How To Register For Voter Card :
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Voters Information :
** It is the identification of citizens who can vote at an election
** It is the compilation of their personal details in a list called the voters’ register

** He/she is a Nigerian citizen
** He/she is 18 years and above
** He/she is ordinarily resident in the ward or LGA where he intends to vote
** He/she is not subject to any legal incapacity to vote under any law, rules, regulations in force in Nigeria

** It is a place where a voter lives, sleeps as his usual abode
** It is not necessarily his LG or State of origin
** A voter may choose to travel to his LG or state of origin to register

** It is a registration card, a voter obtaines at the registration centre where he/she was registered as a voter

** The Voter’s name
** The name of the state the voter is registered in
** The name of the LGA
** The Registration Area/Centre and code
** The voter’s Identification number

** Every voter is expected to keep his/her registration card safely
** He/she will use it on the day of voting6
** No other document will be accepted for identifcation in place of the registration card
** Without a voter’s card, a voter cannot cast his vote during an election
** A lost voter’s card can be replaced if proved

** A person can register only once
** At the ward or LGA where he: resides; or works in gainful employement or originates (ie an indigene)
The Commission shall conduct Elections into the following Offices and Legislative Houses:
a. President and Vice President;
b. Governor and Deputy Governor;
c. National Assembly (Senate and House of Representatives);
d. State Houses of Assembly;
e. Chairmen and Vice – Chairmen of Area Councils (FCT); and
f. Councillors of Area Councils Legislature

2. A person shall be eligible to vote at an election conducted by the Commission if he/she is registered as a voter, and his/her name appears on the register of voters, and he/she presents a voter’s card at his/her polling unit.

3. The Commission shall appoint for each Polling Unit (PU), a Presiding Officer (PO) and three (3) Assistant Presiding officers (APOs).

4. Voting shall be in accordance with the re-modified open secret ballot system (REMOBS), the procedures specified in these Guidelines, other Commission’s Regulations and the Election Manual.

5(a) Voting shall take place at polling units which may be situated within designated Polling Stations (Two or more polling units).
(b)Voting points (VP) are created at polling units based on a maximum of 750 registered voters or as may otherwise be decided by the Commission
(c)Where available, voting points shall be located within enclosures. Where voting points are in open spaces, canopies shall be provided for each voting point and established in accordance with the polling unit set-up.
(d)Where voting points have been created, there shall be four (4) Assistant Presiding Officers (APOs) for each voting point within the affected polling unit, under the supervision of the Assistant Presiding Officer (VP).
(e)The Presiding Officer may delegate the responsibility of accreditation, preparing and issuing of ballot papers , to the Assistant Presiding Officer in-charge of a voting point;
(f)Voting shall take place at polling units or voting points as the case may be.

6(a) A political party sponsoring a candidate may by notice appoint one person as its polling agent for each polling unit, one party agent for each collation centre and a representative at each point of distribution of electoral materials in the constituency where it is sponsoring candidate(s) for an election.
(b) Where voting points are established, political parties may appoint polling agents for each voting point.
(c) The notice referred to in sub paragraph (a) of this paragraph shall be in writing, signed, addressed and delivered to
i. the Chairman of the Commission in the case of party agents for collation at the Presidential election;
ii. Resident Electoral Commissioner in the case of party agents for Collation at the Governorship election;
iii. the Electoral Officer in all cases of polling agents for polling units/voting points, and party agents for Registration Area/Ward and LGA Collation;
(d) The notice shall contain the names, addresses and recent passport photographs of the polling agents/party agents and the respective polling units/voting points or collation centres to which they have been assigned and submitted not later than 7 days before the election.
(e) No person shall be qualified to be appointed or serve as a polling agent/party agent to any political party if, being a person employed in the public service of the Federation or of any State or Local Government or Area Council he/she has not resigned or withdrawn or retired from such employment at least 90 days before the date of the election.

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