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All posts from Primary Election 27th August 2016

Organisation : Guam Election Commission
Facility : Primary Election
Territory : Guam

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Notification :
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Primary Election :
Saturday, August 27, 2016

Polls open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Application Constitutes Registration. :
The application for an absentee ballot shall constitute a sufficient registration of the voter in the municipality, municipal division or district in which the voter resides; provided, that the application is received by the Commission prior to the closing of the registration rolls, and provided that the provisions of § 3102 of this Title pertaining to citizenship, age and residency on Guam are complied with to the same degree as by a person registering under § 3102. Such application constituting registration shall be preserved and used by the Commission in the same manner as it preserves and uses affidavits of registration

SOURCE: GC § 2059.3, added by P.L. 12-149. Amended by P.L. 25-146:1. Repealed and Reenacted by P.L. 31-255:2

An individual seeking to register must meet the following qualifications as provided in §3101, Title 3 GCA to be a registered voter on Guam :
** Must not be confined to a mental institution;
** Must not be judicially declared insane;
** Must not be committed under a sentence of imprisonment;
** Must be a citizen of the United States;
** Must be 18 years of age by the day set for an election; and
** Must be a resident of Guam.

What you need to register :
You must provide proof of U.S. Citizenship. A U.S. Passport, Certificate of U.S. Citizenship, or Certificate of Naturalization alone is sufficient. If you do not have either of these documents, please provide the Registrar with an original or certified copy of one document from list
(i) AND one document from list
(ii) of 3GCA §3102 (excerpted here for your convenience):
”Proof of Citizenship” from the Guam Code Annotated’s Chapter 3 §3102

Step 1. Print out the Absentee Application
Step 2. Fill out the Application, and sign the affirmation on both the first and second page
** Please insure to indicate a Email address if available
** Please insure handwriting is legible
Step 3. Please attach a copy of your proof of U.S. Citizenship
Step 4. Please mail your application to
P.O. Box BG
Hagatna Gu, 96932
…or you may also scan your application and Email it to the GEC at

Regular business hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday – except for Government of Guam holidays.
You can contact us via…
Voice: +1-671-477-9791; Facsimile: +1-671-477-1895
Email us at;

Or you may write to or walk-in at our office at:
Guam Election Commission :
414 West Soledad Avenue, GCIC Bldg.
2nd Floor, Suite 200
Hagatna, GU 96910

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