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Removal of Elector From Electoral Roll :
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Removal from the Electoral Roll :
Electors can only have their names removed from the electoral roll under certain circumstances. These include when an elector dies, an elector is of unsound mind or an elector is moving overseas permanently or indefinitely.

Deceased elector :
** The Commission is periodically informed by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages of deceased people in Western Australia.
** They are then taken off the Electoral Roll. You may like to inform the Commission of a deceased friend or relative earlier.
** You will need to provide the Commission with the deceased person’s full name, date of birth, date of death and last enrolled address.
** You will also need to provide your name, relationship to the deceased, and contact phone number.

Going overseas :
If you are going overseas and believe that you will not be able to vote whilst you are away, then you should complete the overseas notification form (PDF, 56 kB).

This form should be used if you are :
** going overseas indefinitely/permanently, to request that your name be removed from the electoral roll
** going overseas temporarily and may not be able to vote in an upcoming electoral event, to request that you be excused from voting.

Elector of unsound mind :
An elector may be removed from the Electoral Roll where a registered medical practitioner has certified in writing that the person is incapable of understanding the nature and significance of enrolment and voting. Contact the Commission for a copy of this form.

How are student elections conducted?
Student elections are conducted at your school. Electoral Education Centre (EEC) staff will create your ballot papers off site, and bring them and other equipment (including ballot boxes, pencils and voting screens) to your school on polling day. Staff can remain on hand to explain the voting process to students. Once voting is completed, the ballot box(es) containing the votes will be taken back to the EEC where the count will be conducted.

How are the votes counted?
A school can choose either first-past-the post or preferential voting for their election. Electoral Education Centre staff will use the selected voting system when creating ballot papers and conducting the count.

When will we get the results?
Results are usually available within two days of voting.

Can we conduct our own student elections?
Yes. Resources are available to help teache rs conduct their own elections, including instructions and templates for creating nomination forms and ballot papers. You can always contact the Electoral Education Centre for help and advice.

What is a ballot box loan?
A ballot box loan is a kit containing teaching resources and equipment that is loaned to a school (or community group) to help teachers run EEC programs in their classroom. Any school or community group can request a ballot box loan. The kit is delivered and returned by post.**

What is included in a ballot box?
The package will contain a CD with lesson plans and templates and some equipment to help teachers conduct an authentic mock election.

How much does a ballot box loan cost?
The ballot box loan program is provided free of charge, except for the return postage.

Can a ballot box be delivered to a school in a regional or remote area?
Yes. The program is specifically designed for schools who may find it difficult to access the Electoral Education Centre’s other services.

What is the Electoral Education Centre?
The Electoral Education Centre is run by the Western Australian Electoral Commission as a facility dedicated to the improvement of electoral education and awareness in Western Australia.

Where is the Electoral Education Centre?
The Electoral Education Centre is located at 40 Havelock Street, West Perth, next to the Constitutional Centre of Western Australia and close to Parliament House.

What services does the Electoral Education Centre offer?
The Electoral Education Centre offers the following services :
** in house presentations and activities for casual and group visitors
** external presentations (incursions) for your school or community organisation
** resources and information for teachers
** resources and fact sheets for students
** conducting student council elections

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