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Party : People’s Front of Liberation Tigers
Facility : How to Become a Member
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Country : Srilanka

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Become a Member :
It is always good for a political party to have a large membership base. We expect every Tamil, in the UK to become a member. It is customary to gauge a political party by its membership. By becoming a member, you will also give lot of encouragement to those actively working for the party.

If you need any further enlightenment or more details,please call us with out any hesitation.

Membership is open to Tamils born in Sri Lanka, their spouses and children over 17 years of age.
Associate membership is available for Tamils born in other countries or of different nationalities.

There is a membership enrolment fee of £2/= per person. ( i.e. £4/= for a couple).

Please note :
Privacy Policy :
Under the Data Protection Act 1998, submitting this form acknowledges that you consent to the information being held by the People’s Front of Liberation (PFLT) party database. We will only use this information for our own purposes.

Membership :
(a)        Membership shall be open to Tamils from Sri Lanka, their children, their  spouses if they not from Sri Lanka, anyone who is interested in helping the group to achieve its aim and willing to abide by the rules of the group.
(b)        Every member shall have one vote at general meetings.
(c)        The Management Committee shall have the power to refuse membership to an applicant, where it is considered such membership would be detrimental to the aims, purposes or activities of the group.
(d)       Registration and termination of membership.
Any member of the association may resign his/her membership and any representative of a member organisation or section may resign such position, by giving to the secretary of the association written notice to that effect.
The Management Committee may, by resolution passed at a meeting thereof, terminate or suspend the membership of any member, if in its opinion his/her conduct is prejudicial to the interests and objects of the association, PROVIDED THAT the individual member or representative of the member organization (as the case may be) shall have the right to be heard by the General Committee before the final decision is made.  There shall be a right of appeal to an independent arbitrator appointed by mutual agreement.

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