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Party : Communist Party of Sri Lanka
Facility : How to Become a Member
Symbol : Betel Leaf
Name of the Current Leader : Maithripala Sirisena
Country : Srilanka

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How to Become a Member :
Home Page :

Any person, eighteen years of age or more, regardless of sex, colour, race, caste, religious belief or national origin, who habitually resides in Ceylon or who undertakes to reside in Ceylon for a continuous period of at least one year and whose loyalty to the working class and patriotsm is unquestioned is eligible for membership.
A member of the COMMUNIST PARTY is one who accepts the program and plicy of the Party, works within one of the Party organisations under its discipline, obeys and implements the decisions of the Party and supports it financially by regular payment of the Party dues.
** Every application for membership shall be made individually in writing to the local Party cell or the Central Committee. The applicant should be vouched for by at least two members of the Party who know him or her personally at the place of work or residence or through work in a mass organisation.
** In the case of applicants who are leading members of other political parties or who re-apply for membership after expulsion or resignation from the COMMUNIST PARTY, the acceptance of such applicants as members much receive the prior sanction of the Central Committee.
** Every applicant for membership, whose applieation is accepted, shall serve a probationary period of not less than four weeks and not more than eigh weeks as a Candidate member of the Party, during which period he shall perform al duties and enjoy all rights of a member of the Party except that of voting on decisions. The Party organisation within which the candidate member works shall have the right to decide the length of the period of probation of each individual applicant, within the limit set above, and also whether or not, at the end of such period, the candidate member can be confirmed as a member of the Party.

** Every memebr of the COMMUNIST PARTY has not only the right but also the duty to take part in the discussion and formulation of Party policy through his or her Party organisation and in the election of all leading committees. Every member has the right to be elected to any office or position in the Party.
** Every member has the right to appeal to the highest bodies of the Party the Central Committee and All-Ceylon Congress of the Party, whose decision is final and cannot be questioned – against andy decision of the Party or its organisations concerning him or her and has also the right to be present during the inquiry into the appeal and state his or her case. While the appeal is pending, the majority decision of the Party or organisation must be carried out by the member.
** Every member must observe the strictest discipline, actively participate in the political life of the Party and of the country and carry out in practice the decision of his or her Party organisation.
** Every member, with the assistance of the Party, shall constantly strive to improve his or her political knowledge and understanding of the theory and practiec of Scientfc Socialism and of the political and organisational decisions of the Party, so as to equip himself or herself to take an active and helpful part in the working class and patriotic movement and to win support for the policy and aims of the Party.
** Every member, unless especilly exempted, must also be a member of the mass organisation (Trade Union, Peasant Union, Co-operative Society, etc) for which he or she is elighible and work there, under the leadership and control of the corresponding Party Committee, Co-operating to promote and strenghen the given mass organisation and shall abide by the decisions arrived at democraticully by that mass organisation.
** A member fo the Party can transfer himself or herself or form one area to another only with the prior permission of the Party organisation in which he or she works. Prior permission of the Central Committee is need before a member of the Party can go to another country.
** No member shall have personal or political relationship with Fifthe Columnists, Trotskyites, or other known individual or organisational enemies of the Party the working class or the nation.

Headquarters :
Postal Address
No. 91 Dr. N.M. Perera Mawatha, Colombo 08.
Genearl Numbers :

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