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Organisation : Election Commission of Pakistan
Facility : Form B- Deletion
Location : Pakistan

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1. Can family members of government servants who have been posted away from their enrolled constituency also cast their vote by postal ballot?
Yes they can if they are registered as voters.

2. How can polling personnel/staff cast their votes?
They can also cast their votes through postal ballots within the dates specified by the Election Commission.

3. Are overseas Pakistanis eligible to vote?
Overseas Pakistanis who are present in Pakistan at the time of election can cast their vote at the polling station concerned if they are registered as voters. However, voting from aboard is not permissible under the law.

4. What is the security deposit required for election to National Assembly?
Rupees Four thousand only.

5. What is the Security deposit for election to Provincial Assembly?
Rupees Two thousand only.

6. Are the above mentioned security deposits refundable?
Yes, the security deposits are refundable within six month otherwise it shall be forfeited.

7. In what case does a candidate lose his/her security deposit?
A defeated candidate who receives less than one eighth of the total number of votes cast at the election loses his/her security deposit.

8. Can a person contest election to the National Assembly from as many constituencies as he/she wants?

9. Can a person retain more than one seat in the National Assembly if he/ she is elected to all seats that he/she ran for?
No, she/ he has to resign from all seats except one.

10. If a person is elected from the National Assembly as well as a Provincial Assembly seat, can he/she retain both the seats?
No he/she must resign one of the seats.

11. What is the number of proposers and seconders required for subscribing to the nomination of a candidate?
For each nomination one proposer and one seconder is required.

12. Who can be the proposer or a seconder?
Any voter of that constituency can propose or second a nomination.

13. How many voters are normally assigned to a particular polling station to vote?
Normally 1000-1200 voters are assigned to each polling station. However, in exceptional cases such number may go up to 1500.

14. How far can a polling station be from your house?
Efforts are made to assign voters to the nearest polling station. However, in some cases the distance may be about two kilometres.

15. How many polling booths are required to be set up in each polling station?
The polling booths are made keeping in view the number of total voters assigned to that polling station. However, normally two to four polling booths are setup at a polling station.

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