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Botswana Patriotic Front Party Join BPF Online :

Organisation : Botswana Patriotic Front BPF Party
Facility Name : Join BPF Online
Country : Botswana
Website :

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What is Botswana Patriotic Front?

Botswana Patriotic Front is a duly registered political party in the Republic of Botswana. We are an organization that believes in democracy, the rule of law and patriotism. Our emblem is a clock with its arms pointing at 4am to denote the coming into being of a new day. We are, as dawn is, in existence to birth a more liberal and prosperous Botswana in which ideals of equality, justice and happiness are attainable for the broad majority of our people.

We believe that one of the most purest ideals is one’s love for their country- hence patriotism. A patriot is one who priorities the good of their country and fellow citizens above their own selfish interests. When this happens, a nation is able to prioritize and take care of its weakest members first. It avoids becoming a cartel which protects the needs and interests of the powerful and ‘connected’ to the exclusion of the majority of its people.

We believe in freedom and the equal treatment of all our people regardless of gender, economic status and ethnicity. A united Botswana wherein one is welcome in whatever part of our country they’re in is one of the most enduring values that the country’s founding fathers instilled in us. We fight for this values. We also believe in family and communities within which we are each other’s keepers. When we build strong family units, we are also able to build strong communities and consequently a strong nation.

Our policies draw from our current realities to infuse innovation and technology in order to go forward. We believe in people centred development and in the intervention of a strong welfare state where the markets fail to take care of human needs.

We believe in human rights, and we believe in protecting the environment as it is from it that we draw life. On the ideological frame, we straddle conservatism and liberalism. We are a party that believes in a blend of conservatism and liberalism, a more liberal form of compassionate conservatism.

How to Join BPF?

Follow the below steps, To Join BPF Party
Step-1 : Go to the above link
Step-2 : Click on Join BPF Today link
Step-3: Open new Registration Form
Step-4 : Select Title
Step-5 : Enter Name
Step-6 : Enter Date Of Birth e.g ( 02/07/1987 )
Step-7 : Select Constituency
Step-8 : Enter Mobile Number
Step-9 : Enter Email
Step-10 : Enter Omang Number
Step-11 : Enter Village or Town
Step-12 : Enter Ward
Step-13 : Enter Physical Address
Step-14 : Click on “Submit” Button.
Note: Please fill the information as it appear on your Omang or Identity card

Policies of BPF

** Education
** Employment
** Health
** Youth & Children
** Agriculture
** Citizen Empowerment
** Investment Promotion
** Poverty Eradiction
** Tourism and Wildlife
** Women Empowerment
** Energy and Water
** Lands
** People Living With Disabilities
** Environmental
** Sport and Performing Arts
** Technology and Innovation
** Finance

Contact Us

Botswana Patriotic Front
P O Box 21456

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