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Organisation : ACT Electoral Commission
Facility : Enrol to Vote or Update Your Details
Country : Australia
Territory : Australian Capital Territory

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Enrol to Vote or Update Your Details :
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The electoral roll for the 20 October 2012 ACT election closed on 21 September 2012. If you were not on the roll on that date, you will not be able to vote at the election. If you were on the roll on 21 September for a previous address, and you are 18 or over, you will still be able to vote for that address. In fact, if you are enrolled, voting is compulsory. If you have moved address and not updated your enrolment, you should still update your enrolment in readiness for the federal election due to be held within the next year or so. You can update your enrolment at

Who can enrol to vote for ACT Legislative Assembly elections?
You are eligible to enrol to vote at ACT Legislative Assembly elections if you :
** are 16 years of age or over; and
** are an Australian citizen (or a British subject who was on a Commonwealth of Australia electoral roll on 25 January 1984); and
** have lived in the ACT for at least one month.

Note 1: You may enrol at 16 but cannot vote until you turn 18.

Note 2: Residents of Jervis Bay, Wreck Bay or Norfolk Island cannot vote in ACT Legislative Assembly elections even though they can enrol for Commonwealth elections for the ACT.

How do I enrol or change my enrollment details?
You need to complete and lodge an enrolment form to enrol for the first time, or to update your enrolment after you have changed your name or address.

Enrolment forms for the ACT may be obtained from :
** any Australian Electoral Commission office;
** any post office within the ACT;
** any ACT Government shopfront;
** the ACT Electoral Commission office; or
** you can complete an online form at the AEC’s website

Is it compulsory to enrol?
Yes. Australian citizens who are 18 years or older have the right to enrol and vote. In Australia the law says that if you are entitled to be enrolled then you must enrol to vote in Federal and State or Territory elections and referendums.

Can I fax/email my enrolment form?
Enrolment forms can be faxed to either the ACT Electoral Commission or the Australian Electoral Commission. Completed forms can be scanned and forwarded to either Commission.

I’m 17 now, but I will turn 18 on or before polling day, can I get on the roll now and vote at the election?
Yes. If you are 17 years old and otherwise entitled to enrol, you can complete an electoral enrolment form. If you turn 18 on or before polling day you will be able to vote.

If you enrolled at 16 or 17 but will not turn 18 on or before polling day, you will not be eligible to vote at the election.

I have applied to be an Australian citizen – can I enrol?
You have to be an Australian citizen, and have a citizen certificate number first before you can enrol. The Department of Immigration issues certificates.

I’m unhappy about having my address listed on the roll with my name, what can I do about it?
The only way to have your name appear on the electoral roll without your address is if you can show that having your address on the roll places the safety of you or your family at risk. If this is the case, then you can apply for “silent enrolment”. Contact the ACT Electoral Commission or the Australian Electoral Commission for more details or an application form. You must submit a statutory declaration, signed by a Justice of the Peace, with your application.

I’m physically disabled and I cannot sign an enrolment form, how do I enrol?
If you cannot sign an enrolment form because of a physical disability, another person can sign on your behalf. You must obtain a doctor’s certificate to show that you cannot sign your name. Contact the ACT Electoral Commission or the Australian Electoral Commission for more details or an application form.

Note: If you are enrolling in this way you may also be eligible to apply to become a registered general postal voter, which means you will automatically be sent postal ballot papers whenever an election is called so that you can vote at home.

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