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How to Vote :
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How do I vote? :
What to bring on Election Day :
On Election Day, you should carry your personal ID containing your full name and date of birth.

Notes :
** It is essential that you take your personal ID since voting is carried out individually.
** Should you lose your personal ID or registration slip, you will not be able to vote.
** Early arrival to the polling center will facilitate your voting.

What to do inside the polling center :
1. When you arrive, look for the polling station booth where your name is listed.
2. Wait in line for instructions.
3. Go to the concerned employee to have your name crossed off of the voters list.
4. Take a stamped ballot paper.
5. In an individual polling booth, mark your ballot paper privately.
6. Put the paper in the box, and get your left index finger marked with ink.

How to vote :
Based on Local Council Elections Law No. 10 of 2005, which adopts the proportional representation system (lists), the voter fills out one ballot paper for his or her locality.

The ballot paper for selecting electoral lists on the local level :
This ballot paper displays the names of the electoral lists running for elections in the locality. The voter will select only one list. The ballot does not display the names of the candidates that belong to each list. The names of the individuals comprising each list will be posted in the polling center.

Your ballot paper becomes invalid if :
1. The ballot paper wasn’t an official ballot provided by the CEC.
2. The ballot paper wasn’t authenticated with the stamp of the polling center where you vote.
3. You select more than one list.
4. If the ballot contains any distinctive marks such as signatures, writing, drawing, or any other comments.

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