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Where to Vote :
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Where do I vote? :
You vote in the same center where you registered. The location is shown on your registration slip. You can also locate your polling center through the CEC’s “Find Your Polling Center” service or by calling our toll free number on 1800 300 400.

Who can vote? :
All Palestinian residents of Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza who are registered on the voters list within their constituency and who will be 18 years or over on Elections Day are eligible to vote. You cannot vote if you have been deprived of your electoral right or declared incapacitated by a final judicial ruling, or if you were charged with a felony and not rehabilitated as per the provisions of law.

What should I bring with me on Election Day? :
On Election Day you should carry with you your personal ID, registration slip, or another document proving your identity. The document should contain your full name and date of birth.

Notes :
** It is essential that you take your personal ID since voting is carried out individually.
** Should you lose your personal ID or registration slip, you will not be able to vote.
** Early arrival to the polling center will facilitate your voting.

What do I do inside the polling center? :
1. When you arrive, look for the polling station booth where your name appears in the final voter list.
2. Wait in line for instructions.
3. Go to the concerned employee to have your name crossed off on the voters list.
4. Take a stamped ballot paper.
5. In a separate polling booth, fill your ballot paper privately.
6. Put the paper in the box, and get your left index finger marked with ink.

The Electoral System for Local Elections :
The first round of local elections in the West Bank and Gaza Strip was held in four phases.
** The first phase was carried out on 23/12/2004.
** The second phase was carried out on 5/5/2005.
** The third phase was carried out on 29/9/2005.
** The fourth phase was carried out on 15/12/2005.

The first and second phases of local elections were held in accordance with Elections Law No. 5 of 1996 following the simple majority system (districts). Following the completion of these phases, Local Councils’ Elections Law No. 10 of 2005 was issued. The third and fourth phases of elections were carried out according to this law and its amendments, on the basis of the proportional representation system (lists).

Under this system, nomination is conducted by closed list. Each list’s candidates are ordered based on candidate priority, but the names of the candidates do not appear on the ballot paper. The number of candidates in a list should not be less than the majority of local council seats in that list’s locality.

Each list which obtains 8% or more of the valid votes is allocated a number of seats in proportion to the number of valid votes obtained, following the Sainte-Laguë method. The seats are allocated to the candidates according to the order of their names in the list.

On 8 February 2010, the Cabinet issued a decision to hold local elections in all Palestinian localities on Saturday 17 July 2010. These elections were to be based on proportional representation, according to Local Council Elections Law No. 10 of 2005 and its amendments. The Cabinet later issued a decision to cancel these elections

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