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Organisation : Tennessee Secretary of State
Facility : GoVoteTN app
Country : United States
State : Tennessee

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GoVoteTN app :
Home Page :

The GoVoteTN app allows Tennesseans the opportunity to view their sample ballot, locate their polling location and learn about their district.

Highlights of the app include :
** Early voting and Election Day polling locations and hours of operation
** Candidate list for upcoming election
** Ability to mark sample ballots for upcoming election
** Navigation to early voting and Election Day polling locations
** County election commission information
** Access online election results through the application

Information in the application is provided by Tennessee county election commissions. It is available for iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as online.

Who are my elected officials? :
Use our GoVoteTN app to find your State Senator and State Representative, as well as, your county elected officials. Our GoVoteTN app will also provide you with a sample ballot, early voting locations, Election Day polling location and election results.

If I have a felony conviction, can I vote? :
Article 4, §2 of the Tennessee Constitution provides that the Tennessee legislature may deny the right to vote to persons convicted of “infamous” crimes. Pursuant to this provision in the Tennessee Constitution, the Tennessee legislature has excluded individuals convicted of various felonies from the right of suffrage.

However, the legislature has also established conditions and procedures through which individuals who have lost their voting rights may regain them. The manner in which a person may restore a lost voting right depends upon the crime committed and the year in which the conviction occurred.

Restoration of Voting Rights Form :
The restoration of voting rights form may be used to restore an individual’s voting rights for a felony conviction on or after May 18, 1981. Note: For each felony conviction imposed on or after May 18, 1981, whether it is a federal conviction, a state conviction within Tennessee or a state conviction from another state, a separate restoration of voting rights form must be completed for each felony conviction with a different docket/case number.

The form must be completed by an agent, such as a probation/parole officer or criminal court clerk, who has the authority to provide the required information regarding the individual’s conviction, final release date and information regarding restitution or court cost. The person convicted of the felony offense may not complete the restoration of voting rights form. Once the form(s) are completed, the form(s) must be submitted to the local county election commission office in the county in which the individual resides.

The restoration of voting rights form only restores an individual’s voting rights. An individual’s citizenship rights must be restored through a court order.

How do I request an absentee ballot? :
To vote by-mail, a registered voter must meet certain requirements. A registered voter may request an application for a by-mail ballot no earlier than ninety (90) days before the election and no later than seven (7) days before the election. To be processed for the next election, the application must be received by the election commission no later than seven (7) days before the election.

To request a by-mail absentee ballot, mail, fax or email with an attached document which includes a scanned signature the following information directly to your local county election commission office :
** Name of the registered voter
** Address of the voter’s residence
** Voter’s social security number
** Voter’s date of birth
** Address to mail the ballot outside the county (this applies only when the reason for voting by mail involves that the voter will be outside of the county during early voting and on Election Day)
** The election in which the voter wishes to participate. If the election involves a primary, the political party in which the voter wishes to participate.
** Reason the voter wishes to vote absentee. If applicable, a copy of the CDL containing the CDL number or the TWIC card must be included in the voter’s request.
** Voter’s signature

A request that contains this information will be processed and a ballot will be mailed to the voter.

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