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The People’s National Party Of Jamaica Apply For Membership :

Organisation : The People’s National Party
Facility Name : Apply For Membership
Country : Jamaica
Website :

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The People’s National Party Membership Of Jamaica

To survive as a party, and the great party that we are, and restore our electoral fortunes we must make a deliberate choice to embark on a new era and change our ways. The dysfunctional culture of factionalism must end.” – Mark Golding. Join Us Today.

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How To Apply For The People’s National Party Membership Of Jamaica ?

Follow the below steps, To apply for The People’s National Party Membership Of Jamaica
Steps :

Step-1 : Go to the above link
Step-2 : In “Get Connected” click on the button -> “Become a member”
Step-3 : In Membership Form enter your personal details
Step-4 : Click on the “Submit Form” button

The People’s National Party Membership Constitution

** Membership of the Party shall be open to all persons resident in Jamaica or of Jamaican parentage above the age of eighteen ( IS) years.

** Other than members of the PNP Youth Organization as set out in Clause 28, who accept the programmes and policies of the Party based on the principles of Democratic Socialism. who agree to conform to the Constitution and Standing Orders of the Party and who are accepted as members in the manner prescribed by the Constitution.

** All Applicants shall complete and sign the prescribed Membership Application Form M001 as prescribed in Schedule I of the Bylaws, which shall be witnessed by two registered members of the Group.

** This will include hevhis MI name and date of birth and the applicant shall also provide her his cunent E03 Elector Registration

** Identification Card, of which the Elector Registration Number shall be noted.

** The membership of any person whose name does not appear on the National Voters List for more than seven months will be automatically suspended.

** Unless a satisfactory explanation, acceptable to the Regional Management Committee, as set out in the Party Bylaws and Procedures.

** Subject to Clause S. membership may be obtained: (a) by becoming a member of a Party Group in the manner and on the conditions set forth in the schedule

** Provisional Membership S. An application through a Group. an Affiliate, or by direct application to the General Secretary.

** May be accepted provisionally for seven (7) months in the first instance.

** The Party’s Executive Committee shall develop an appropriate progranune of orientation for new members so that all new members can complete the orientation process widths seven (7) months.

** Full Membership A member who joins the Party through a Group may move from provisional membership to full membership after attending a minimum of three group meetings or after the initial seven month period from date of application as indicated on the Central Register of the Pasty, whichever is later.

** A person joining by direct application or through an Affiliate, shall be eligible for full membership upon the full payment of the annual subscription as determined by the Executive Committee. subject.

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    Where do one apply, not seeing any links

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