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Nova Scotia New Democratic Party : Apply For Membership

Organisation : Nova Scotia New Democratic Party
Facility Name : Apply For Membership
Country : Canada
Website :

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How To Apply For The Nova Scotia New Democratic Party?

Welcome to the Nova Scotia NDP Membership Portal.Membership is an annual fee which ensures you’ll get a say in the future direction of our Party. You’ll have the right to attend policy conventions, and first notice about events and training opportunities. Sign up and shape our province today!
To Apply For The Nova Scotia New Democratic Party follow the below steps,
Steps :

Step-1 : Go to the above link
Step-2 : Click on the “Join” button
Step-3 : In NDP Membership Portal
Step-4 : Select your membership amount
Step-5 : Click on the “Continue” button.
Step-6 : Enter your First name
Step-7 : Enter your Last name
Step-8 : Enter your Address
Step-9 : Enter your City
Step-10 : Enter your Postal code
Step-11 : Enter your Email
Step-12 : Enter your Phone
Step-13 : Click on the “Continue” button
Step-14 : And proceed further to apply for the Nova Scotia New Democratic Party

Anti-Harassment Policy In Nova Scotia New Democratic Party

** The Nova Scotia New Democratic Party (the “NSNDP”) is committed to promoting a harassment free environment at all Party activities.

** Mutual respect must be the basis of interaction among New Democrats in addition to cooperation and understanding. We will neither tolerate nor condone behaviours that are likely to undermine the dignity of an individual or a group, or to create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment.

** The intention of this updated Policy and enhanced procedures is to promote the safety and security of all persons covered by this policy; to take measures to prevent harassment from taking place within the NSNDP; and to outline how the NSNDP will act upon incidents and complaints of harassment.

Scope In Nova Scotia New Democratic Party

This Policy applies to all members, staff, and volunteers of the NSNDP during their participation in all formally organized NSNDP events, including:
** Training Workshops;
** Provincial Council Meetings;
** Conventions;
** Provincial Executive Meetings;
** Table Officers Meetings;
** Electoral District Association Executive Meetings;
** General Meetings;
** Annual General Meetings;
** Election Campaign offices and activities;
** Nomination Campaigns and Nomination Meetings;
** Party Committee Meetings (not limited to Standing Committees); any other ad hoc meetings or events formally convened by the NSNDP for official Party purposes
** This Policy also applies to all members, staff, and volunteers of the NSNDP outside of NSNDP events, if they are communicating in the course of discharging NSNDP duties or otherwise communicating for a purpose relating to the NSNDP or the interpersonal relationship has a nexus with the individuals’ involvement with the NSNDP.
** This includes, but is not limited to, private communications via telephone, text message, email and social media

Duties of all members, staff, and volunteers of the NSNDP

** All persons are required to ensure their behaviour does not violate this policy and to foster an environment that is based on respect and is free from harassment.

** If any person becomes aware of harassment which is covered by this Policy, the person should

a. speak with the complainant to see if they would like to be supported in addressing the harassment informally with the respondent;

b. if the matter is of a serious nature and/or it could harm the complainant and/or the NSNDP, the person should report the existence of such harassment to the NSNDP’s Anti-Harassment Officer and/or Provincial Secretary;

c. assist in the investigation of the matter as required; and

d. maintain the confidentiality of the process by not discussing the matter with persons except as required in the investigation of the matter.

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