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Canadian Alberta’s New Democratic Party NDP : Apply For Membership

Organisation : Alberta’s New Democratic Party NDP
Facility Name : Apply For Membership
Country : Canada
Website :

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How To Apply For The Alberta’s NDP Membership?

Become a member of Alberta’s NDP We would love to have you on the team. Your annual membership opens the door to additional participation opportunities in Alberta’s NDP. Start or renew your NDP membership.Memberships are valid for the calendar year in which they are bought, and memberships purchased on or after Sept 1st are also valid for the following calendar year. Join Us Today.

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To Apply For The Canadian Alberta’s New Democratic Party follow the below steps,
Steps :
Step-1 : Go to the above link
Step-2 : Click on the link “Become A Member”
Step-3 : Select an amount and check the please make this a monthly recurring donation.
Step-4 : Click on the “Continue” button
Step-5 : Enter your First name
Step-6 : Enter your Last name
Step-7 : Enter your Address
Step-8 : Enter your City
Step-9 : Enter the Postal code
Step-10 : Enter your Email
Step-11 : Enter your Phone Number
Step-12 : Click on the “Continue” button
Step-13 : And proceed further to apply the Canadian Alberta’s New Democratic Party Membership.

Constitution Of The Alberta New Democratic Party

Membership Constitution :
2.01 Every resident of Alberta who is 14 years of age or older and agrees to abide by the Constitution and principles of the Party, and who is not a member or supporter of another political party, shall be eligible to apply for membership in the Party.

2.02 Application for membership with the required membership fee must be sent to the Provincial Secretary, who shall accept or reject the application.

2.03 Should an application be rejected by the Provincial Secretary, the applicant shall be entitled to appeal the decision to the President. Such an appeal shall be filed in writing no later than fourteen days following notification of the Provincial Secretary’s rejection. The decision of the President shall be final.

2.04 No application for membership from an individual denied membership as set out in Articles 2.02 and

2.03 shall be entertained for a period of one year.

2.05 The membership year shall commence on January 1 and end on December 31.

2.06 (a) Each membership approved on or after Sept. 1 in any year shall be deemed to be a valid membership in the final four months of the year in which it is bought and for the whole of the following membership year.

(i) Any donation to the Alberta NDP over $10.00 in the year(s) following the purchase of an approved Alberta NDP membership shall be deemed to be a valid membership renewal for that calendar year.
(b) A member in good standing shall be defined as a person with a valid membership. Being expelled or placed under suspension by order of Council negates good standing. 2.07 Only members in good standing shall have the following rights:

(a) to be elected to the Party Executive;

(b) to be elected as a member of the executive of a Constituency Association;

(c) to be elected as a delegate to any New Democratic Convention or Council meeting;

(d) to vote at a nomination meeting in their constituency of residence, providing their membership has been valid for 14 days prior to the meeting;

(e) to be a member of the Constituency Association in the constituency of residence, subject to section 10.04;

(f) to speak freely and openly and to vote at the general meeting of the appropriate Constituency

Association and other New Democratic clubs and organizations of which they are a member. Constitution of the Alberta New Democratic Party 2 of 16 July 2021

2.08 The membership fees shall be established by resolution of either Provincial Council or Provincial Convention.

2.09 Fees, dues and donations are payable to the Alberta New Democratic Party.

2.10 Honorary life membership may be granted by the Provincial Convention upon recommendation by the Provincial Executive. The number of honorary life memberships granted in any year shall not exceed ten. An honorary life member shall be an individual member of the Party without payment of fee.

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  1. Barbara Joanne Blasetti

    I renewed my NDP membership this evening, January 26th 2023. I also have been making a monthly donation for 2 years. I would like to ensure that my membership has been renewed

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