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Ireland Ulster Unionist Party : Apply For Membership

Organisation : Ulster Unionist Party
Facility Name : Apply For Membership
Country : Ireland, UK
Website :

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How To Apply For The Ulster Unionist Party Membership?

Do you want to build a better Northern Ireland? The Ulster Unionist Party wants to see Northern Ireland at peace, thriving economically and socially as part of the United Kingdom. Join our team and help us realise this vision.

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To Apply For The Ulster Unionist Party Membership follow the below steps,
Step-1 : Go to the above link
Step-2 : Click on the “Join” button
Step-3 : In Membership choose your Membership plans from ginen three plans
i) Under 31- £ 15 /Yearly
** Members play an active role in the Party, can attend our annual Conference free of charge and receive voting rights in Party elections after 6 months of Membership.
** Alongside this, each member will receive a welcome pack from the party.

ii) 31 – 64- £ 30 /Yearly
Standard Party membership – and all associated benefits – is offered at a special £30 rate to those aged under 31 to 64

iii) Over 65 – £ 20 /Yearly
Standard Party membership – and all associated benefits – is offered at a special £20 rate to those aged over 65.

Step-4 : After choosing a Membership Plan click on the “Join Now” button
Step-5 : Check the Membership Amount and click “Next” button
Step-6 : Enter your Personal Information and click “Next” button
Step-7 : Enter the Payment Details to apply for Ulster Unionist Party Membership.

Key Policies Of The Ulster Unionist Party

Northern Ireland In The Union :
** The Ulster Unionist Party believes strongly in Northern Ireland’s place within the United Kingdom. A strong, prosperous, inter-connected United Kingdom, on which Northern Ireland plays a key part, is the best outcome for us all.
** Our place within the UK offers us all of the opportunity that comes with being part of one of the World’s largest economies.
** Post-Belfast Agreement Northern Ireland has become and exciting place to invest with growing tech and film industries.
** The benefits of our National Health Service have been writ large. An institution to be cherished and the cornerstone of the United Kingdom.
** A Northern Ireland at true peace, free from any paramilitarism or associated criminality.
** Where we have mutual respect for one another and enjoy a sense of understanding. Prosperity that is measure not just by wealth, but by wellbeing too.

Health Policy In Ulster Unionist Party

** Our National Health Service is something revered the world over.
** It’s ability to offer free health care to all from the cradle to the grave, based on need rather than the ability to pay is to be cherished and protected.
** Our health service has faced many challenges, underfunding, the collapse of the devolved institutions and the COVID-19 pandemic.
** Our vision is to restore our health service to its full potential where it can support our population to live as healthy people.
** We want to see an agile health service that can respond to the challenges of the day.

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