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Ireland Social Democratic And Labour Party Membership Renewal

Organisation : Social Democratic And Labour Party
Facility Name : Apply For Membership Renewal
Country : Ireland ,UK
Website :

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How To Apply For Social Democratic And Labour Party Membership Renewal?

Renew your SDLP membership today and help to grow our movement to build a new, more prosperous Ireland.Student membership costs £10 per year and Standard membership is £20 per year. Renew your membership today.

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To renew the Ireland Social Democratic And Labour Party Membership follow the below steps,
Step-1 : Go to the above link
Step-2 : Click on the link “Join the SLDP”
Step-3 : Choose your membership type “Renew Now”
Step-4 : Choose the amount “Onetime” or “Monthly”
Step-5 : And click on “Continue” button
Step-6 : Enter your information
Step-7 : Enter your Payment
Step-8 : And proceed further to complete it.

Education Policy Of Social Democratic And Labour Party

** Excellence and achievement in education is vital for equality, prosperity and wellbeing. The SDLP is committed to the development of an education system which sees achievement and excellence as something that all of our young people can reach for.

** For too long, too many young people have left our schools still lacking basic numeracy and literacy training and with next-to-no training for life or the workplace. Improvements mean tackling, at source, the problems which lead to educational underachievement, be they inside or outside the classroom.

** Financial cuts to school have had a drastic effect on the ability of teachers to provide basic materials in our schools – in some areas principals have had to resort to asking parents for financial and other support to ensure schools are adequately resourced.

** Our curriculum requires modernisation if we are to compete globally. This should include the introduction of computer coding and modern languages for all children from primary school, the reinstatement of the requirement to take a GCSE in a modern language and the teaching of mathematics to age 18.

Healthcare Policy Of Social Democratic And Labour Party

** It is clear that our health service has been a victim of chronic under-resourcing for a number of years, as a result of the Tory-led austerity and a lack of decisive and courageous leadership to implement strategic review after review.

** From hospitals to community care, there has been no commitment to a strategic and properly resourced vision of how our health service will care for an expanding and ageing population.

** All of this has been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic and the additional severe pressures on frontline healthcare provision. Waiting lists are growing longer, staff shortages are becoming more critical, our doctors and nurses are working to exhaustion to keep their patients safe. That is not sustainable.

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