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Scotland Scottish Labour Party Membership Renewal

Organisation : Scottish Labour Party
Facility Name : Apply For Membership Renewal
Country : Scotland, UK
Website :

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How To Renew The Scottish Labour Party Membership?

We have a vision for a Scotland that works for the many, not just the privileged few. And we have a plan to make this vision a reality. Explore our policies and campaigns to find out where we stand on the most important issues. Renew your membership today.

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To Renew your membership follow the below steps,
Step-1 : Go to the above link click on “Members”->”Get Involved”
Step-2 : Click on the button Join
Step-3 : In below I’m already a member. Renew my membership
Step-4 : In Renew your Labour Party Membership
Step-5 : Under Existing membership details
Step-6 : Do you know your membership number? click on “Yes” or “No”
Step-7 : Click on “Next” button
Step-8 : And proceed further to complete it

Scotland Scottish Labour Party Policy

** We want you to help shape Scottish Labour’s policies.
** Our members and supporters drive our movement. Together we can, and we will, transform society so it works for the many, not the few.

1. What is the Scottish Policy Forum?
** The Scottish Policy Forum (SPF) oversees and conducts consultation with Party members and outside organisations on all areas of devolved policy (e.g. health, education, local government, tackling crime etc) towards developing our Scottish Parliament manifesto.

** The aim of the Forum is to consult with a view to presenting draft policy documents to the Scottish Joint Policy Committee.

** The Scottish Joint Policy Committee then reviews these draft policy documents before passing them on for debate and voting at Scottish Conference which remains the sovereign policy making body of the Scottish Labour Party on devolved matters.

2. How does the Scottish Policy Forum work?
** The full SPF meets on a regular basis to consider draft devolved policy consultation documents.

** Submissions to the documents can be made by local parties, local policy forums, trade unions and affiliates, individual party members and outside organisations.

** The main business of the Forum takes place in small, facilitated workshops and plenary session of the full Forum.

3. How are local party representatives to the SPF elected?
** Each Constituency is twinned with a neighbouring CLP, and is grouped into four to ensure gender balance.

** All four CLPs will nominate two people for the SPF – one man and one woman.

** The nominee from the four group CLPs with the highest number of votes will be elected first and will represent their twinned constituencies.

** For example, if the first candidate elected is male, then the female candidate with the highest number of votes from the alternate twinned constituencies will then be elected to represent those constituencies.

4. What do I do if I need any other information?
** If you have any questions or would like any further information regarding the SPF, please email us or call 0141 572 6905.

** To take part in our open and democratic policy-making process and share your ideas on how Scottish Labour should tackle the challenges Scotland faces please visit the SPF website.

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