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Announcement : FAQ On Nomination In Papua New Guinea
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FAQ On Nomination In Papua New Guinea

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ On Nomination In Papua New Guinea:

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1. Can a person nominate for more than one electorate?
No. a candidate can only nominate for one electorate at a time.

2. What if a candidate already nominated for an electorate and then changes their mind and wants to nominate for a different if electorate?
** If a candidate wants to change the electorate they have nominated for_ they can do so as long as the nomination period has not ended but they must withdraw their former nomination.

** To do this the person must submit to the PRO or RO for the electorate Form 26 – Withdrawal by Candidate of Consent to Nomination. The form must be signed in the presence of the PRO or RO.

** The withdrawal must be done before submitting a second nomination for another electorate.

** A copy of the signed form will be given to the candidate as proof of withdrawal.

** After the end of the nomination period. nominations can no longer be withdrawn.

** If a second nomination is received without the first being withdrawn. only the nomination that was received first is valid.

3. Can a candidate nominate in an electorate where he or she is not currently enrolled?
** Yes, as long as the candidate has all the qualifications and none of the disqualifications that I mentioned earlier.

** In this case. the PRO or RO for the electorate the candidate nominates for will place his/her name on the Roll, provided he or she:

** was born in the electorate for which they intend to nominate or

** has resided in the electorate for a continuous period of two years immediately preceding their nomination or

** has resided in the electorate for a period of five years at any time.

4. Can candidates get a refund of the K1,000 nomination fee if they decide not to proceed with their candidacy?
** As a general rule, once a nomination is accepted and the nomination period has ended. the nomination fee cannot be refunded.

** Refunds are only permissible in the following circumstances:

01. If a candidate dies before the end of the polling period. In this situation. the nomination fee is to be returned to the candidate’s legal representative.

02. If the nomination period has not ended and the candidate decides to withdraw his or her nomination. The candidate must complete and submit Form 26 – Withdrawal by Candidate of Consent to Nominate.

03. If a nomination is rejected.

5. Can a person question the eligibility of a person to nominate?
** Yes. the qualification of a person can be questioned, or “objected to”, by another person provided there is evidence.

** If this occurs, the RO or PRO will consider the information and refer the nomination to the Electoral Commissioner for decision, together with a statement of grounds and supporting documentation.

** For example, if a person who nominates is known to have been disqualified from holding an elective office, then that fact must be brought to the attention of the RO or the PRO or the PNGEC. The submission of supporting evidence, for example, a copy of the decision or records of the court will help the PNGEC decide on the matter.

6. Can an intending candidate’s nomination be rejected?
** Yes. the Electoral Commissioner has the power to reject the nomination of a candidate if there is evidence that the intending candidate does not have all the qualifications and/or suffers from any of the disqualifications I mentioned earlier.

** ROs and PROs cannot reject a nomination. If an RO or PRO is not satisfied that the nomination substantially complies with the law. they must refer the nomination to the Electoral Commissioner for decision.

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