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ACT Labor Party Australia : Apply For Membership

Organisation : ACT Labor Party
Facility Name : Apply For Membership
Country : Australia
Website :

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How To Apply For ACT Labor Party Membership?

The Australian Labor Party is the largest political party in Australia. We are part of a movement that is dedicated to delivering a better life for all Australians.Wondering what it’s like to become a party member!. Join Us Today.

Steps :
Step-1 : Go to the above link
Step-2 : Click on the link “Get Involved”->”Join”
Step-3 : In Join ACT Labor Membership form enter your details
Step-4 : Enter your First Name
Step-5 : Enter your Last Name
Step-6 : Enter your Email
Step-7 : Enter your Mobile Number
Step-8 : Enter your Postal Code
Step-9 : Click on the button “Next”

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Join ACT Labor Party

** ACT Labor is a party powered by our 2000+ members here in Canberra. And we have the highest per-capita membership of any political party in the country!
** Joining the ACT Labor community means you’ll get a say in our how the party operates – everything from policies to candidates.

FAQ About Joining On ACT Labor Party

Becoming A Member :
1. Am I eligible to join?
** If you are a resident of the ACT, Jervis Bay Territory, or Norfolk Island and 15 years old or over, you are eligible to join (provided you are not a member of any other political party).
** You can find more information about membership eligibility in the ACT Labor Rules in section B.3.

2. I’m not a citizen, can I still join?
Yes, you can be a member of the party however you will not be able to participate in candidate preselections.

3. I’m living overseas, can I still join?
** No worries! You can join as an ‘overseas’ member, as long as you are still on the ACT electoral roll.
** Overseas members qualify for the concessional rate. If you are based overseas just put down the address you are registered with in the ACT in your application.
** You can put down an international address as your preferred mailing address.

Getting Involved :
4. What are local sub-branches?
** Sub-branches meet every month to discuss and debate political issues, organise campaigns or events, and make decisions to be considered by the Branch Conference or other groups within the Party.
** New members are placed into their closest sub-branch based on the suburb in which they are living in, but members are free to choose to attend any sub-branch.

5. What are policy committees?
** Policy committees are groups of members who meet regularly to discuss, debate, and create policy around a particular topic or portfolio.
** They are a great way to engage with specific areas of policy that are of interest to you.

6. What are action networks?
** There are a number of action networks run by Labor members that work to make change within Labor.
** These groups are not official parts of the party but play an important role in providing a space for members to take action.

7. Joining a local election campaign?
** There are a lot of volunteer and campaigning opportunities both in and outside of an election year.
** Campaigns regularly need volunteers for community events and campaign activities like phone banking, door knocking and poll booths.

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