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New Zealand Social Credit Party Membership Renewal

Organisation : New Zealand Social Credit Party
Facility Name : Apply For Membership Renewal
Country : New Zealand
Website :

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How To Renew New Zealand Social Credit Party Membership?

To renew your New Zealand Social Credit Party Membership is very simple. We’ll put in place an economic system that’s better for people and the planet.Renew your membership now.

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Steps to Renew Membership in Online:
Just follow the below steps to renew for New Zealand Social Credit Party Membership.

Step 1 : Go to the above link
Step 2 : Click the link “Join Us Or Renew Your Membership”
Step 3 : In Membership application form click the box Renewing your existing membership
Step 4 : Give your details
Step 5 :Write about yourself why you join?
Step 6 : Agree the conditions
Step 7 : After filling your details click “Submit and pay” button

Education Policies Of New Zealand Social Credit Party

​Social Credit will achieve this by:
** Instituting one publicly-funded, nationwide system of education, from preschool to adults
** Consultation with parents and communities to decide the structure and administration of the education system
** Making all levels of education readily available without fees as of right to all persons legally resident in New Zealand
** Scrapping the student loans scheme. Tertiary education will be free provided adequate results are being achieved
** Ensuring distance education is available to those unable to attend schools in their area
** Recognising registered preschools, including parent co-operatives, and schools offering cultural diversity such as Te Kohanga Reo, or alternate methods such as Montessori
** Putting in place an apprenticeship system that is flexible and responsive to the needs of apprentices and employers
** Implementing parent education initiatives
** Having a graded registration scheme for all education workers, including experience, qualifications and competence
** Increasing research resources for schools and universities
** Funding ‘blue sky’ research across all disciplines, not just for commercial applications
** Using a range of economic tools (refer ‘Toolkit for a new economy’), the education system will be fully funded from preschool through to post-graduate level.
** Graduates will not start their working lives already deep in debt, and families will not be faced with extra costs in order to access education for their children.
** Education will be funded in a range of ways. Infrastructure, including new buildings, extensions, repair and maintenance may be funded through the Reserve Bank at no cost to taxpayers.
** Operational funding will be through both taxation and debt-free money, as determined by the NZ Credit Authority from year to year.

Finance Policies Of New Zealand Social Credit Party

To achieve this we will:
** Social Credit will gain control of the issue of new money and credit in the economy
** Make the Reserve Bank Monetary Authority the sole provider of new money
** Abolish GST and replace it with a Financial Transactions Tax which would mean the currency speculating “financial sharks” would pay their fair share of tax
** Make the Reserve Bank responsible for seeing that foreign debt is repaid, and overseas transactions are in balance
** Establish a social credit economy where people will be able to use the country’s resources without mortgaging their own or their children’s future
** Replace local body and DHB debt with interest-free community credit
** Recover effective control of New Zealand’s economic affairs and establish greater political independence
** Ensure a property-owning democracy, in which the ownership of assets is spread as widely as possible amongst individuals

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