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New Zealand Outdoors & Freedom Party Renewal

Organisation : New Zealand Outdoors & Freedom Party
Facility Name : Apply For Membership Renewal
Country : New Zealand
Website :

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How To Renew New Zealand Outdoors & Freedom Party Membership?

Thank you for choosing to renew your New Zealand Outdoors & Freedom Party Membership. Your ongoing support will help us keep the New Zealand way of life for generations to come, Alan Simmons – President. Renew Now.

Steps to Renew Membership :
Just follow the below steps to Renew New Zealand Outdoors & Freedom Party Membership
Step 1 : Go to the above link
Step 2 : Click on the link “Contact” click Membership : Renewal
Step 3 : In Membership renewal page
Step 4 : Fill the form by giving your First and Last name
Step 6 : Pay 10$ through internet banking
Step 7 : Click on “Next” button.

Education Policy Of New Zealand Outdoors & Freedom Party

** Our mission is to provide a holistic, inclusive and empowering education system where every person will thrive and learn how to make conscious, responsible and informed choices about their future.
** Our goal is to create a unique educational framework that recognises the important place of the outdoors environment and our community for our social, cultural and economic well-being and reflects our unique NZ way of life.

Appreciation of the environment and belonging :
** We believe that the Outdoors is at the heart of the NZ way of life and that education should involve an appreciation of this.
** We want to create an education system that teaches learners about their own unique community and outdoor environment so that they can develop a strong sense of belonging and connection to it.
** We want to see a future where children grow up to become lifelong learners who are confident in, connected to and actively involved in the outdoors so they are inspired to engage in and contribute to an ecologically sustainable future.

New Zealand Outdoors & Freedom Party Promotes outdoor education initiatives :
** Our policy recognises the importance of the Outdoors as a strong factor in our past, present and future and links to our other policies that have a strong theme of community and localism.
** We will strongly advocate for recognition of our NZ heritage and history and we will promote and fund outdoor education initiatives such as conservation and restoration projects, recreation activities, programmes such as Garden to Table and Enviroschools, as well as other nature based and local initiatives that foster sustainability and community well-being.
** We also want to ensure that regenerative agriculture and organic horticulture are implemented as key modules of learning in the secondary and tertiary sector for the benefit of New Zealand’s future economy and environment.

Holistic education and care for the disabled

** We would introduce changes to bring about equality for disabled children in regard to their education (including early childhood education)
** We already have an amazing prototype for excellent care for the intellectually disabled here in New Zealand.
** The Hohepa organisation has homes and schools for those who need extra help to function in our modern world.
** Hohepa Centres support youth (and also adults) based on nourishing body, mind and soul with growing, cooking and eating beautiful organic food, artistic endeavours, nature, movement and therapies.
** We could establish local Hohepa centres all over New Zealand, those with disabilities will be supported to live their best lives.
** They would incorporate Outdoor Classrooms, gardening and other outdoor activities, exercise and getting out into nature for mental, physical and spiritual wellness.
** These centres will support art therapy, and artistic and performance art such as singing and dancing.
** These are great mediums that give children great satisfaction and helping coordination, balance, socialisation etc and people can often surprise us when they discover their artistic talent.
** We will refund ‘sheltered work shops’ that were de-funded by previous governments.
** These are small’ish local spaces that people can get together, learn new skills, make things of value to their communities, make some pocket money, and make friends.
** The parents/carers help out or take precious time for themselves. Previously, these organisation didn’t need to make a profit, as they were topped up by government funds.
** The leaders were caring and supportive and understanding. These centres filled an important need in the community.
** Carers really missed them when they went and communities lost a valuable resource.

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