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Organisation : Tasmanian Electoral Commission
Facility : How to Enrol to Vote
State : Tasmania
Country : Australia

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How to Enrol to Vote :
Home Page :

Frequently asked questions about enrolment :
How do I enrol to vote?
To check your enrolment, update your details, or enrol to vote please visit: Enrol to vote – Australian Electoral Commission (opens in a new tab).

Can I check my enrolment?
Check your enrolment on the Australian Electoral Commission website (opens in a new tab).

Can I update or change enrolment?
You can change your address or you name on your enrolment on the Australian Electoral Commission website. (Links open in new tabs)

Am I eligible to enrol?
You are eligible to enrol for Federal and Tasmanian elections if :
** you are 16 or 17 years of age* or older; and
** you are an Australian citizen; and
** you have lived at your present address for at least the last month.

The exception being prisoners serving a sentence of imprisonment for a term of more than 3 years.

British subjects who are not Australian citizens are eligible to enrol for Federal and Tasmanian elections if they were on a Commonwealth of Australia electoral roll on 25 January 1984.

*You may enrol when you are 16 or 17, but you cannot vote until you are 18.

Do I have to enrol?
Yes, if you are 18 or older and otherwise eligible you must enrol to vote. You may be fined if you do not enrol. If you are only 16 or 17, enrolment is not compulsory.

Do I have to vote?
Yes, voting is compulsory in Federal and Tasmanian Parliamentary elections. You may be fined if you do not vote. Voting in Tasmanian Local Government elections is not compulsory.

More questions about enrolment :
What happens when I send my enrolment form?
The electoral rolls will be updated and you will be sent an acknowledgement card showing your new enrolment details. Your name will appear on the electoral rolls used for Federal, State and Local Government elections.

Who has access to elector information?
The general public.

To help ensure an open and accountable electoral process, the electoral roll can be inspected at all electoral offices. Only names and addresses are provided.

Under the Tasmanian Electoral Act 2004, roll information may be supplied by the Tasmanian Electoral Commission to Members of Parliament, registered political parties, candidates and organisations approved by the Commission.

The Commission may approve the supply of roll information for ethically approved medical research, to assist in investigation and prevention of breaches of the law or protection of public revenue and for other purposes considered to be for the whole benefit of the individual or the community as a whole.

The Electoral Act 2004 provides penalities for the use of rolls other than for a purpose permitted under the Act or as approved by the Commission.

The Australian Electoral Commission is authorised under the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 to collect your details to maintain the electoral roll.

The AEC may disclose your details to prescribed authorities with access to enrolment information including :
** state and territory electoral authorities
** members of parliament, senators, registered political parties, and candidates for the House of Representatives
** approved medical research and public health screening programs
** any agencies, persons or organisations prescribed in the Electoral and Referendum Regulations 1940.

Do I have my address shown on the roll?
Special enrolment provisions may apply to persons who do not wish their address shown on the roll.

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